Sosonjan A. Khan, BRUNEI


There are women who are not tired
To become a life watch
Despite living  a wretched life;
Some days they eat, some days hungry
And still believe 
faithful is heaven.

Thanks God, there still is a woman
Who can smile with just a handful of rice
and a bunch of vegetables 
you bring home
she immediately goes
to cook deliciously in the kitchen
so that everything is tasty
and you enjoy it.

Thanks God, there still is a woman
though her skin is rough
and her face is dull
sun burnt or wrapped by the soil
or hurt by the thorns,
by  the wilderness or by  the sea,
she still obeys accordingly,
serves wholeheartedly
only for you.

Thanks God, there still is a woman
although a thousand times 
you broke her heart
and broke your promises
though a thousand times 
her tears overflowed
she still wanted to stand by your side.

Thanks God, there still is a woman
though you never gave her
even a single gold piece or gems
even though not
a single flower on her birthday
although sometimes 
your pockets are empty
but only sand that you bring home
her love continues to soar
and not a little does it decrease.

Thanks God, there still is a woman
who wants to welcome
your stinking body
coated in the rice field
smeared by mud
she’s still waiting for you 
coming home
like a hero.

Thanks God,
there still is a woman


This is the hand that feeds milk
and porridge into your mouth
this is the hand that cleanses the dirt
and mud from your body
this is the hand that flushes water
and rubbing soap in your body
this is the hand that washes the urine
and cleans your back
this is the hand cleaning your
vomit and mucus from your fever
this is the hand that holds you
on a frightening night
or at a worst daylight
this is your hand that’s always held
walking along the long river
or climbing to the top of hills
this is the hand that lifts you
when you fall and roll
this is the hand that saved you
when you collapsed and fell
this is the hand
which rubbed both of your legs
until you could stand on the earth
this is the hand
that enables you to be brave to stand up to your opponents
this is the hand
that teaches you all the letters
until you reached the sky 
and understood the God
this is the old hand, rotten nail and bone
that with loyalty served you
 until the end of her breath.

Do not leave this hand
just because of a piece of cloth
which you can buy with money

Do not leave this hand
just because of a fragrant cloth
for it will disappear after being immersed
but this hand, even after being cut off
from this old body, still 
not even sword can break its love. 

hold and kiss this hand with your heart
because there is nothing more fragrant
than a lifted hand to God
Full of love, forever
to guarantee heaven
just for you!

Sosonjan A. Khan or Sutera Kalbu as her pen name was born in Tenom, Sabah and has been writing consistently for over 27 years, especially short stories, poems, novels and articles for newspapers. To date, over 485 poems, 575 short stories and articles have been mostly published in Mekar, Bahana, Sabah Times, Borneo Post, Pelita Brunei, Media Permata and others.

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