Tulsi Bhandari, INDIA


A lunatic spirit moves around
Devoid of peace
Intolerant of love
Hungry for drama.
Alas! It manages to grip
Vital beings with ill-will
And casts its spell
On spineless beings.
The roll and rumble of time
Envelopes life and matter
Forcing conflicting natures to coexist
Where love is pronounced a culprit
Its language not understood
Its face scanned through lenses of conceit.
Jolted and shaken
It makes an exit
Unable to comprehend
The hue and cry.
It invokes the flame in itself
In vengeance and repose:
Sustained and strengthened
Reassured of eternal victory
Love stands tall and looks far
Waiting to greet
Universal peace and accord.


When she lives true to herself
For the cause she stands for
But she gets drenched
By a pricking shower
Crushingly callous.

When she simply enters
A new phase of life
With no expectations
A young and innocent bride
And faces hard indifference.

When she continues
Doing the right things
All the time
By the clock
Day and night.

When for long
She succumbs
To a loveless-wordless life
Patient and persevering
Facing the world with a smile.

And when desperation’s long trail
Enters her soul
Ready to make a nest
But she does not allow this nesting
This ruin of a beautiful
Living monument within
It is then she witnesses
The soft hue of a new dawn
More captivating than ever
It is then she understands
Grace as the truth of her life
And feels the bliss and beauty
Of being born a woman.


Ignorance became a step
Towards self-discovery:
For selfless she was
Obedient to human gods
While pain kept drilling a path
Leading to a buried shrine.
No sacrifice ever is in vain;
Precious life given away
Became a reverberation
Resonance of her being.

Dilemma’s knocks
Woke up the person within
Compelled to open the door
With wide open eyes
It stepped out
Followed by life
Together they strode on
A broad journey’s march.

Tulsi Bhandari had been a teacher, educational advisor and head of regulatory affairs of a pharmaceutical company. She has authored a collection of Hindi poems ‘Anterchetna’, two editions of poems in English ‘Towards A Touch Supreme’, a book based on Transactional analysis, Gita and Sri Aurobindo’s yoga ‘The Autonomous Adult and Karma Yoga’, and another one ‘The Yoga of the Gita for the Modern Seeker’. Her poems have appeared in many anthologies. She is widely travelled and has also contributed articles for The Indonesian Observer as a freelance writer. Her books can be viewed on amazon.in Tulsi Bhandari books. ‘The Autonomous Adult and Karma yoga’ is also available as an e-book.

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