Poetry: Saikat Gupta Majumdar

Saikat Gupta Majumdar
The Eyes Only

I can hardly imagine your face
The moment I like to remember it,
An unclear appearance usually comes
But, the only thing I can still find
Is your eyes bluish and clean.

In my effort to visualise
I can only find the eyes staring at,
With a scared but lively glance
And with some unasked questions probably about me?

It’s the moving balls under the leafy lid,
That I often dream about,
As they try to talk to me
With a lot of queries cherished duly,
And I too keep on asking alike
Till I find myself in dream indeed.

Your face may go beyond imagination
But the dreamy eyes will not deprive
Days will pass on visualising them,
And that scared but lively eyes
Will Keep staring alike on and on.

No longer a child

Titley is no longer a baby
Mom thinks her to be a child yet
And the concept possessed by her dad too,
When their daughter has grown up
They do not know--------
That’s amazing to think but true.

Days have passed rapidly well
Without making them feel
From the childish manner of the baby,
From colourful school days to college end
Grows up Titley but remains child
In the eyes of mummy, daddy.

She mixes with the friends, guys as well
To some extent beyond the limit
In her conservative family eye,
She follows other mates
And falls in love with a typical guy.

The ‘careless look’ gets careful to her
That is simply beyond the limit
And the taste culture and values—
The discoloured Jeans with colourful shirts.
Mismatches with their daughter’s manner
And he should be under her shoes.

The restless air blows on
Until Titley make them believe
The time has changed enough,
And as grown up she developed her own views
Got the right to mix freely
Till being someone’s better half.

The parents gradually realise
Her mom stands first beside
And so happened with her daddy
Titley is nearly an woman--
Her growth reflects to every sphere,
They should no more think her a baby.

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