My Balcony  (21/4/19)

I sit and write in my balcony.
Expressing my thoughts, for passion not for money.
The sweet breeze caresses my cheeks.
The crows come and look at me, some answers they seek.
The rustling of the trees around, make me happy.
The play of the sunshine on their leaves I love to see.
The glowing red sun greets me in the morning every day.
Wiping out darkness and gloom away.
The moon comes visiting on a full moon night.
The mellow, silvery light around, what a beautiful sight!
The skyscrapers and the electric pole,
With their different shades of light, happiness doles.
My balcony gives me food for thought.
Shows me nature at its best, stopping my mind to rot.

Paramita Mukherjee Mullick is a scientist by education, educationist by profession and a poet and author by passion.  She has published five books- "Stories from Fantasyland","Life- A Collection of Poems", "Paradigm", "The Maverick's Journey" and "The Sun through My Wine Glass". She is the Executive Editor of an international journal of literature, art and culture, Kafla Intercontinental. She is also the Executive Director of the International Writers' Festival organised by the journal every year. For her poetry she has received awards like Sahitya Shree, Sahityan Samman and Sahitya Bhushan  from different organisations. She has had numerous book events in India and abroad. Some of her poems have been translated in 14 languages. She lives in Mumbai with her husband and daughter

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