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The July edition is ready for viewing.

This time, it is fiction-heavy: short, micro, long narratives and nonfiction short story, exploring the real and the fanciful in technically- flawless manner by the devotees of these art forms. A couple of senior writers are featured twice, as this time, we have introduced an occasional column--flash based on a prompt--- in order to have a wider engagement of the practitioners of the complex field. It---the prompt--- was supplied primarily in response to a request by one of the writer-friends for an inspiring idea and then few other returning writers were also invited to send in their pieces based on that elusive and tantalizing clue.  Such prompts are becoming popular these days, as they set a tight timeline and word-limit and call the participants to explore the given subject with finesse and artistry---and utter devotion. The piece must justify the topic mentioned. A difficult job! But once one comes to enjoy the challenge, it becomes easy and thrilling. Kind of addictive for the followers of the emerging discipline. The flash-fiction based on the given prompt---and the fiction in general--- published in the current edition are all very appealing and utilize literary imagination, situations, dialogues and moods to the best possible way and in right mix to create the right kind of ambiance, suspense and climax. Of late, Setu wants to encourage the writing of quality fiction by giving space to radical voices. In this connection, it would be contextually relevant to recall that the journal has run a serialized novel by the noted writer Glory Sasikala, a serial liked by the readers for its frank portrayal of realities of modern India by a gifted woman writer-editor. As compared with poetry, fiction is not being written by a large number of the practitioners of the trade due to a variety of  limiting factors or reasons that are not our immediate focus here. There is a dearth of journals devoted to this genre also. Slowly the scene is changing but the sad fact remains that the genre of short fiction needs more fresh talent and platforms. Markets are hungry for the novel of every type and there are excellent novelists fulfilling the demands. Short fiction is catching up gradually; it is also creating its own niche space and audience the world over and it is our humble bit in promoting that trend through our journal.

The select fictionists featured here are out to reveal new worlds through a tight structure and a very tough form. A satisfying experience!

Senior editor-artist from Australia, Rob Harle comes up with an exciting investigation of alchemy that continues to fascinate contemplative minds even in the new millennium and comes up with interesting insights, expressed creatively and mainly, through arresting visuals and poetry. It is a most important highlight of the issue.

Apart from these, there is serious poetry and other regular columns to keep you busy.

This month, happy to share that Setu enters the fourth year of its monthly production from Pittsburgh, USA. It has crossed more than eight hundred fifty thousand views worldwide and the number keeps on rising. It also got featured on the prestigious Duotrope site in USA.

Milestones that keep us motivated in our upward journey and mission of serving you most humbly.

More goals to be crossed soon, thanks to your continual support.

Please enjoy the spread!

Sunil Sharma

Editor, Setu (English)
India, July 31, 2019

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  1. Dear Sunil,

    Thank you for sharing your talent, making Setu English a great place for writers get to share the gift of words. Thank you for suggesting pictures with my article on West Fargo. It show an editor's sense of what would work better. I was so happy to see the revision published.

    Thank you so much! Hope to be a part of Setu. My next opportunity for submission is in Dec. I hope to share with Setu readers again.



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