Poetry: Madhusudan


I am the change for I believe in it.
I am the change as I stood for it.

I am no longer the woman you desire
The one who can dance on your tunes,
The one who can think as per your thoughts,
The one who can act on your terms,
The one who can behave as you say.

I am no longer the woman you dreamt of
More than the rings my fingers hold the pen to quill,
More than the earrings my ears want to hear words of encouragement,
More than the anklets my feet prefer to kick a football,
More than the necklaces my neck is meant for recognition stoles.

There is much more to me
Than my culinary skills
Than my dressing sense
Than my hourglass figure.

My love with my freedom is all I need.
My journey of life will be as per my choice,
Nuptial knot can no longer confine me in your house.
The baggage of being an obedient woman
I will no longer carry.

I am a universe in myself,
I don't need a man to complete my existence.
I will thrive as per my wish,
I will bloom as per my choice.
For I am born to be equal in all terms and means,
I am a woman and there is already a man in me.
I am the change that I always wanted to see
And for sure this change will change the entire course of history.


Poetry to me is
an enchanting elaboration
of my thoughts and opines,
my hidden emotions,
my inexpressible desires
of varied hues and kinds.

A soul-soothing solace,
a much needed break
from the humdrum of life
and treacherous people.

An escape to the world
full of love and peace.
Where humanity thrives
in all its glory
full of aplomb.

Limericks give me
a chance to relive
my childhood time
with it’s full of fun
theme and humour.

Haikus are my sole tryst
with natural beauty
and all its bounties.

From celestial bodies
to gushing waterfalls.
Unrequited love to the
pitiable state of society,
can be well-versed in villanelle.

The subtle touch of
Romanticism can aptly
be observed in
Shakespeare’s sonnet.

The touch of tanka
make it all the more worthwhile.

Penning verses is akin
to baring my heart
and all its inhibitions.
It’s like preserving my sanity,
protecting my emotions.
In short, poetry is my life.


It's quite easy to talk,
then to walk that same talk,
as it's easy said
then performing the same act.
Hence, the life's reality

Life is a rollercoaster,
full of various ups and downs.
With stopovers at joy, sorrow,
laughter, happiness, pride,
failure, success of all sorts.

With uncertainty awaiting us
at each, every cornerstone.
One's joy is other's fear.
Bonds, beloved mostly kept
for the sake of benefits.

Money is the king,
source of merrymaking,
Trust, honesty, love
these acts only belong
to an era, eons ago.

Living by beliefs
termed as an act of fools,
being practical, professional
is preferred by everyone
as materialistic lifestyle is in vogue.


You used to be the elixir of my life,
When you were always there and totally mine,
That was my life's most blissful time.

From holding hands to touching my heart with your words
A mere glimpse of yours was enough to make my face shine,
You used to be the elixir of my life.

Being my support in all my goals and dreams,
When you were the only one whom I used look for hope,
That was my life's most blissful time.

Listening to all my problems and helping me overcome them,
When you proudly use to say that She is mine,
You used to be the elixir of my life.

You brought with you an energy for me to thrive,
Breaking the monotony of my life you were alike the seasoning of lime,
That was my life's most blissful time.

Now even if you have chosen a different path for your life,
You are still with me through your memories and the last lesson you gave,
Even now you are the elixir of my life.


With the blessings of parents and at the sight of the early morning sun,
The ritual of turmeric ceremony had begun.
Everyone was wearing traditional dresses in bright colors,
Friends, relatives all had memorable time and fun.

At that moment, I was ecstatic to be with him forever,
Freshly grounded turmeric and gram flour were mixed together.
Saffron and milk were also added that gave my face the bridal shine,
I had worn a sleeveless dress even in that weather.

To counter the wedding jitters, I drank Pressco, our favorite wine,
Eager to apply that yellow paste on me, ladies were standing in line.
Phulkari was held over my head with ladoos placed at corners in the fold,
Rectangular shaped colorful drawing in front of my seat had a beautiful design.

Cravings by everyone for sweetened rice of color yellow was difficult to hold,
Lip-smacking food of different cuisines was also served for lunch.
His love and that homemade paste did justice in making me glow as gold,
Friends and family dancing on the traditional songs was a sight to behold.

(Note: Ladoos are a traditional Indian sweet prepared mainly using gram flour, clarified butter and sugar with dry fruits and food color added as per preference.)

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  1. These are really wonderfully written! Looking forward to more!!


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