Poetry: Roula Pollard

Roula Pollard

I am in the memory, like the rings of a tree,
as you are in my memory.
I am not yours, you are not mine
only oneness in love. I have no possessions.

A tree I am.
This tree is not yours, nor mine
our life is a tree
valuable as our shared planet, valuable as oneness
in wholeness on this planet. Sea breezes
unite us, like a sea soul
even sadness is shared
in the body of our Universe.
Usually, I say “ I gave up sadness”
turned it into an endless song
long as the days of my life
united by a delicate cotton thread with you
or by the strongest ropes, like those anchoring boats
on the pier, or long islands of the soul
visited in summertime.
United, yes, by a hyper-lexicon of love words
united by all trees to create life’s oxygen
united by all hopes like a rising dawn
united by strong, powerful links
of world love
world peace


When on long nights, I hear sudden cries perhaps coming out
from white pillow feathers, do you exist in the same world
my friend, in which continent do you live?
Are the nights strange there too, blending with yellow
like swollen pieces of sky hanging from the ceiling
in the next room, or from your dreams?
Are the days confused like drunken birds in the sky?
There are some white days too
pure white without illusion
mixed with pollution.

Over - polluted environment
gives birth to white days
mixed with a sea of lies
in the United Lies corporation
with white and dark.
Where is the unlimited
truth hidden?

If you go to the beach today, my friend,
greet the sea, ask her for forgiveness too
for my silence and your ignorance,
you know the waves
are searching
for their peace

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