Falguni Ghosh (Voices Within)

Falguni Ghosh, a bilingual writer, lives in Kolkata, Bengal, India. He was born on 6 March in 1978. He is writing poetry, essays, articles, nonfictions and novels for the last twenty two years in both the languages—Bengali (his mother tongue) and English. He is a dynamic avant-garde Kolkata-based young writer . He has already published 14 books in his credit. Some notable books in Bengali are—‘Sisiphus er Swapno’ (Poetry), ‘Karna Prasanga’ (Poetry), ‘Orpheus er Banshi’ (Poetry) and in English are—‘Heart’s Rainbow’ (Poetry), ‘Love in Kolkata’ (Novel), ‘An Existential Voice’ (Non-fiction), ‘The Play Boy’ (Novel).

Society and Artist

Once again a new morning
A new day starts its journey...
Man is the slave of his social circumstances.

Society is a bee-hive producing honey
But I am not a bee-worker.
I can’t be a worker bee to fill up
the luxury and leisure of the opportunists.

I am what I am always choosing
My life as my own may be or may not be
Sanctioned by the censor-wand of the society;
Myself is the society as my own.

Life is a long journey
of trials and tussles
of profit and loss.

But an artist does not fig for
the mundane things by which
Every creature moves round.

A new day once again ’ll start
Mine is an artist, a pen a copy is waiting for...

Love in Anarchy

In this world of anarchy
Love is but a little bird
Shaking in tumultous storm.

Love is tender and tendermost
very hard to keep it alive.
A soft rooted small plant in a scorching
day burning and burning all day long
And somehow by luck and chance
that resists with all its enduring power.

Love has its power and that is precious
And ideal too. This is a reciprocal journey
 among many and in between the two.

We are only sitting on the bank of love
Toiling much devoting like a mother
We act like a Bacchan or Jaya to keep
Our love alive. But anarchy of ego
Has snatched the purity of love
And we like an orphan
Shed our tears.


A smiling face always brings rain in heart
Here is the desert all around
Thorny plants raise their head
We are but the ugly camels
Bearing the caravan of life.

One drop of smile is equal
To a splash of rain
After a tumultous scorch.
Life enlivens once again
Sooth comes with a mature serenity.

Our life is the smile of Monalisa
We all are the Leonardo drawing
An eternal picture in the mind’s deep.
But we are staggering and stumbling
Sweating and hesitating like a Prufrock;
The simplest talk from the heart emanates.....

Hello MONALISA I love you.

Voices Within-2020 :: Setu, February 2020

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