Paramita Mukherjee Mullick (Voices Within)

Paramita Mukherjee Mullick, a scientist by education,educationist by profession and author and poet by passion has published five books. She is the Founder and President of IPPL (Intercultural Poetry and Performance Library) Mumbai Chapter. Her poems have been translated into 26 languages and have been published in more than 200 International and national anthologies. She has received the Golden Rose from Argentina for promoting art and culture along with numerous other awards. Paramita is an advocate of peace. She coordinated the World Festival of Poetry in Mumbai in June 2019 when 160 countries together recited poems on peace. In January 2020 Paramita curated a " Multilingual Peace Poetry Marathon" of 50 poets.

Eternal Search

I am searching for you night and day.
My barefoot has got sore walking for miles on the red,rustic pathway.
My ektara* cries for you oh my dear one!
I weave songs for you my only one.

It is only for you for whom I toil.
I have forgotten to dress up,my hair is in coils.
My saffron robes flutter around me.
It is only you my eyes crave to see.

I have no temples,no idols to worship you.
But I give you all,my heart,soul and view.
I know no scriptures,forgive me my Lord.
I can only give you music from my vocal chord.

My necklace of tulsi beads click when I dance.
Oh Lord! In your love I am in a trance.
I have no religion,no race.
Love for humanity is what I embrace.

What have you done to me oh Almighty!
Your love is all I seek,no riches,no society.
In your love you have immersed me so.
I see you in all humans high or low.

I sing from my heart with no note or code.
Oh Almighty!Come and make my heart your abode.
I dance in your thought and I sing.
I beat my dhol* and my ghungroos* ring.

I am soaked in your love,oh my Lord!
Music is all I can give dear God.
When I will meet you at last one day.
I will give my heart and soul to you away.

ektara--one stringed musical instrument
dhol--a kind of drum

My Temples

With so much beauty all around.
With so much love in which humans abound.
With such lovely wondrous sound.
With loved ones all around.
I have made temples in my mind.
Where bells of thoughts and caring bind.
I collect souvenirs of love wherever I find.
I befriend good people who are gentle and kind.

With so much laughter all around.
With kindness and tenderness I abound.
With chirping of birds and babies' gurgling sounds.
With peace and harmony which is found.
I have made temples in my heart.
The chantings keep away the negativity darts.
I don't keep the present and memories apart.
These temples spread happiness and take kindness on top of the chart.

What is Peace

Is peace only the calm when war ends?
Or is it peace when we teach our sons that girls have to be respected and are good friends?
Is peace only when we flutter white flags and white doves?
Or is peace spreading brotherhood and love?
Is peace only when we sign treaties?
Or is it peace when we include others and respect different entities?
Is peace only when we celebrate and enjoy?
Or is it peace when we stop giving guns to children as toys?
Is it peace when we march and write slogans?
Or is it peace when nobody is hungry,their stomachs filled with bread and buns?
Is it peace when all is calm?
Or is it peace when we can heal others and be their balm?
Is it peace only when we pacify our differences?
Or is it peace when no soldier has to hide in trenches?
Is it only peace when borders are not found?
Or it it peace when we reach out to others and in love abound?
Is it only peace when we shake hands as brothers?
Or is it peace when we throw off our mantel of ego and jealousy and help others?
Is it only peace when we have friends at every bend?
Or is it peace when we spread happiness till life ends?

Voices Within-2020 :: Setu, February 2020

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