Geethanjali Dilip, INDIA

Exclusive: Best of Women Poetry: Edited by Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy

Watch her kohl lined in her reddened eyes,
Although a million tears she silently cries,

Mistake not her shringaar or her alankar as vanity,
She walks on thorns bleeding her petalled heart dainty,

Surmise not the way she drapes six yards over her contours,
She wears with panache and grace her virtuosity camouflaging her fears,

Imagine not that she paints her nails to get your attention,
Her chores, her dedication and her relentless spirit need to release her tension,

Ponder not about her whereabouts when she strides with confidence,
She would walk away from distrust, so just don’t put her through that offence,

Lack not in receiving and giving her love for she will anyway bloom,
And make an oasis of arid deserts and chase away dreary gloom,

Hope not that she will avenge you for all the wrong you did,
She is after all like this Earth evolving through day and night goodbye never to bid,

Fear not her angst as she conjures up storms, floods and volcanoes,
For even in that calamity she would enrich, protecting from deathly throes,

Wonder not where she gets her strength from endlessly,
Instead walk with her undaunted gait as she treads lakes of fires fearlessly,

She is every woman yesterday, today and tomorrow,
Shower her with caring, happiness and never sorrow.

Geethanjali Dilip contributes poetry to various platforms, literary blogs, anthologies and Facebook poetry pages. A graduate in English Literature, she teaches French at her institute named as Zone Francofone, Salem. Her several collaborative anthologies are widely read and distributed. Her solo anthology “Geethatmaa” is now in book stores. Geethanjali is a recipient of The Reuel International Prize for Poetry 2017 and the Indian Women Achievers Award from the Asian Literary Society. She is also a winner of Commendable Mention Award at The Great Indian Poetry Contest 2019 conducted by the On Fire Cultural Movement.

Best of Women Poetry -2020 :: Setu, March 2020

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