Adrian Cedric Rogers (Western Voices 2020)

Exclusive: Western Voices, 2020: Edited by Scott Thomas Outlar
Bio: Adrian Cedric Rogers was born September 1940, in Lincoln, England, UK. He was brought up in England, but trained as a teacher in Ireland, teaching music and English in Ireland (North and South), Scotland, England, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. He is an Australian citizen, resident in South Australia where, since retirement in 2005 he has concentrated on writing, with four fantasy novels published by Double Dragon, Ontario, Canada, and two more novels published by Mountain Mist, Queensland, Australia. He now has six poetry collections published by Ginninderra Press, Port Adelaide, South Australia, and contributions—both poetry and articles to numerous journals and anthologies, both in Australia and elsewhere, including ‘Homeward Bound, Searching for the Sublime, an Indo/Australian Anthology of Short Stories’, and in Australia contributing to Beyond the Rainbow, The Write Angle, The Colonial Athens’; in India, Episteme—Bharat College, and many others.


Shadows cave-dark
fire-flicker off rock walls
reflecting mind sets
into cut-outs of reality
unable to aspire
beyond a blacked out
grope, or mark
a midday sun spark
light greened
up-calling inlet magic
from the Morris, a toned
dancing, stamping,
consequential as Venus
conned with ungirdled
desire in spring
foam-tidal as the sea
head turning
eyes flashing

in a water-wild world
‘to have or to be’
still life re-forming
twirled earth springing
rondeaux overrunning
contours glowing
swaying hot bodied
until time, reclaiming
tamed memories
passes by...

and aspirations die
dancing, for leftovers
dropped by spring.


Septembers of the north
afternoon tinged gold
across landscapes
heather purple
honey-sharp scented
and peat-aged moorlands,
blend into lightness
the soporific humming
of bees
weather-soft sounding
summer’s end into memory,
seen only
in backward glances
across hemispheres...

time distant
from southern Septembers
light sharpening clarity
paled bright piercing
grey-green patterned
eucalyptus shade
across time stretched
north/south spaces
and distances
in such a quietness of love
from an afternoon sky
as memory cannot release,
holding through change
the light
the love,
the silent singing
of September.


Soft-footed silence
is a licence out of time
playing consciousness
absented from becoming
concentration, goal,
for memory stored
in sleep, like a neap tide
turning silently
into the blanked-out
one step from death
in a silent out-breath
of love at rest
dawn’s intercessional

in light’s processional
homing delayed
beyond frontiers of being
knowing and seeing
the grace
of moments intimating
love’s resting place
now... forever.

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