Poetry: Jaya Ghosh

Jaya Ghosh
Dr. Jaya Ghosh is an Assistant Professor, The Department of English, Dr. Gour Mohan Roy College, Monteswar, District: Purba Bardhaman (West Bengal). She participated and presented papers in many seminars and conferences in State, National level Seminars and International Conferences and also published articles on various literary disciplines.

Solitary Confinement: March 2020

At this time of solitary confinement
It makes many things clear
It unites mankind through social distance
It unites religions and mental divisions
It also bears open the truth of our illogical stupidity.

At this time of solitary confinement
We get to know ourselves better
Staying together maintaining a distance
We say goodbye to our past quarrels in the family
We understand that it is mow time to be together without joining hands.

At this time of solitary confinement
I remember all my dear ones I have lost
They have gone for some reason or the other
I fall back in sorrow to think
That in the last few days thousands have joined them
Their paucity I cannot bear.

Scientists and doctors say it’s all a result of the pandemic
My observation is
If my home quarantine can serve humanity
Then let it be so.

Life: March 2020

Life was moving on
When suddenly He came
Life was forcibly stopped.

Man today is busy washing hands
Wearing Masks and
Keeping Social Distance.

Today everything around seems gloomy
Man seems to be badly victimized
Praying to Almighty and being
Socially conscious
Man might try to keep a balance
With Mother Nature
Who knew Man could become a victim of such a creature!

Now we have no time to stand and stare
But to the world lay the truth bare
And save one Another…

Covid Times: 2020

Time has left an indelible mark on their bodies
They have all left for heavenly abode.
They are the victims of the pandemic
They are there without their fault.

Many are deep in worry
As they are locked in ruin.
Whereas others are terribly happy
As their mood is in full swing.

Its difficult to face this wretched earth
To sleep amidst this debris
Insomnia is becoming
The day’s decree.

Migrant labourers feel at a loss
Doctors, Nurses and Health Workers are our boss
Masks, PPEs and Test Kits are a need of the day
Hand-sanitizing a Must.

All is not at a loss
We have with us our only Hope
Together we will be able to bid adieu
Corona from this globe.

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