Poetry: Smruti Ranjan Mohanty

Smruti Ranjan Mohanty

The world outside
No doubt is beautiful and fascinating
But it is nothing in comparison to the
Inner world where you hardly live.

You have travelled a lot
Your mind wandered here and there
Your organs of senses searched for
Happiness everywhere
But you failed miserably
Real happiness you found nowhere

Now when no outer world to roam
Lockdown your outing
For a change
Look within
Go inside and see what lies therein
Just close your lies
And sit for a few minutes
That will convince you about the treasure
That lies deep within.

As you go deep
Move along the spine
Layers of consciousness will unfold
Until you become the whole
And your identification is complete

Expand your consciousness
And be the universe
Contract yourself to a dot
Feel you are the ocean and mountains
Feel you are the atom, protons and neutrons in the nucleus
The electrons orbiting around
Think you are eating through thousands of mouths
You are suffering in millions of bodies
You are taking birth and dying every moment
You are Krishna and Arjuna, Dhritarashtra, Duryodhan and the beheaded Belalasen
Who could see nothing but the Sudarshan chakra Cutting alike friends and foes
You are in the mid-sea surrounded by water
But inside you, there is hardly any water
That visualisation will introduce you to yourself
And bring you close to reality.

Be a spectator
Watch your breath
You will realise you are not breathe
Watch your body and mind
Hands, legs, eyes, ears and other
Organs of senses
You will realise you are neither body nor mind
You are that consciousness which drives
The body and mind to action
Without being involved

Consciousness does not have birth and death
It is immune to pleasure and pain
It is untouched by pairs of opposites
It is above time and space
It has been there since infinity
When there was no time and space
Consciousness is not many
It is one that pervades, holds and
Is, in fact, the whole universe.


Poetry is a beautiful dream
In a sleepless summer night
That comes with a smile
When you are silently dozing
Poetry is the hope in the eyes
Of someone terminally ill
Poetry is a ray of light
Amidst darkness, frustration and apathy

Poetry is life
That puts death at bay
Poetry is the eternal spring that drives
The hot summer away
Poetry is the beauty of childhood
The spirit of youth and stay of old age
Poetry is that unusual summer shower
That drenches your body and mind
When you feel exhausted and out of the world

Poetry is mother's lap
And father's shadow
Sister's rakhi on your hand
Friend's heart, brother's love and concern
The voice of Bulbul in a dry desert

Poetry is a lovely pair of eyes
That waits for you for hours
The quivering lips
Locked with yours
And the waves of dimples writing
The lyric of romance and love

Poetry is grace and beauty undefined
The eyes of the blind and
The voice of the dumb
The love of the old man for his wife
Their undefined chemistry
The passion and feeling that saw them
Through the years of their life

Poetry is a beautiful garden
The beauty of which never fades
The perennial stream
That never dries up
The symphony of love
That always murmurs
The innate urge that sustains existence
Pushes life to fight for its own survival

For me, poetry is hard reality
A safe pair of hands
That never betrays
Never plays with my existence
Mouth, nose and eyes,
My fingers always clean
Before they touch my mouth
Always at a safe distance
My beautiful hands that stood by me
All along in moments of happiness and annoyance

The need of the time is poetry
Health and hygiene
Social distancing
Lots of guts and common sense
Warm water and natural vitamin c
To boost the immunity
To fight against the virus invading
Poetry is the story of mankind
Its ebb and tide, fight against circumstances
To come to the zenith
Poetry is life
Its beauty, contradictions and intricacies
Poetry is the will, force and
Means for survival against all odds
Even when the world is struggling against Coronavirus
When there is darkness everywhere
Poetry as a ray of hope shines in my eyes
Holds me, beats in the heart of heart
As an ocean of hope, tells me emphatically
Go ahead the victory is yours.

That which sustains existence
Uplifts and fulfils life
Takes you to new horizons
To different levels of consciousness
That which is always with you
Irrespective of your situation
And state of mind is poetry.
That which brings you close to life
Faithfully reflects you, your surrounding
your joy and anguish is poetry

Poetry in not all about love and romance
Nature and its beauty, rhythm and rhyme
Poetry is living with the reality
Accepting life as it is


I believe in God
Neither I am afraid of life
Nor I am afraid of death
In both, I see the will of my Lord

Neither I see the sun
Nor the shower
It is He who is born
It is He who dies
It is He who lives
Enjoys and endures

He is Krishna
He is Arjun, Aswathama
Sakuni and Duryodhan
He lives in a thousand bodies
He is everywhere
In whatever I see and perceive
And what lies beyond
My vision and perception
It is His game
He knows how to play it
Why should I worry?

Happiness is His
So also the sorrow
Why so much of fear?
So much of anxiety?
So much of possessiveness?
When I am not the doer
The doer is someone else
The drama is His
He knows how to enact it
Why should I bother?

When I come close to my real nature
I feel
I am He and He is me
The big void, the comic consciousness
Neither there is life nor death
Only consciousness unfolding
A parade, from eternity to eternity
And I myself
The actor, spectator and director
Beyond me, nothing exists

Absolutely nothing. 

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