The Last Merry Go Round—What A Ride!

Country Published: Great Britain
Copyright: 2019
Date Published: October 24, 2019
Language: English
Sold by: Services LLC.
Publisher:  Mirador Publishing, UK
ISBN 13: 978-1-913264-23-9
ISBN 10: 1913264238
Pages:  250
Paper Back: $18.94                                            
Kindle Version: $4.95

Introduction: The Beginning!

This book starts out hitting the ground running. Richard, the antagonist, is certainly a wife beater, abuser, devious jerk, egotistical maniac, and a shrewd character to humanity. His subjugated wife, Diane, is like a puppet on a string. When he pulls, she jumps as high as he wants. He has her well trained. He only cares about his financial portfolio, Wall Street Journal, Italian gold wristwatch, fancy house with multiple garage, luxury cars, blowing his cigarette smoke in other’s faces, and temporal material things— “Nothing spiritual in God’s sight!”

He wife Diane is a nervous wreck based on his abuse. He speaks to as he likes, calls her bad names like a street thug, classifies her as a dumb blonde, and rapes her whenever he wants. Their lives are miles apart, without any love or affection. His actions have her living in a whiskey bottle, sometimes mixed with tonic, and a variety of pills. His allowance pays her doctor bills. Dr. Samantha Rose, supplies her with pills to alleviate her pain, while she outlines Richard’s demeaning and brutal actions.

The interesting aspects of this family—they are all dysfunctional and emotional alcoholics. Their self-esteem crawls in the dirt like a snake. Paranoia is rampant and there is no display of humility. The belief of being a cut-throat lawyer [Liars] elevates their simple-mindedness to be giants over others classified as midgets. Diane is in a catch-22 position between her husband, and her attorney daughter, Leah, who is tightly wrapped with her lawyer dad. She is also a liar as her profession requires. Brutality and ignorance reign throughout the family.

Diane, was sincerely beaten with kicks and slaps one day, after she calls Leah to spend some time with her. Leah, calls her dad and told him. He came home and almost killed her by thinking she went behind his back without permission.  He calls her bitchy names, heated words escalated to almost killing her, he sodomized her, and left a note the next morning, stating he in on a business trip to Texas, and how much he loves and forgives her. Such a brutal sadist!

Secrets are revealed when her mother found her, with blood and bruises. She cleans her up with a bath.  They began having stiff alcoholic drinks to erase the pain from their minds. They discussed family history, interconnections, and how she encouraged Richard to fall in love with her. Interestingly, she discussed how she made a pot of boiling water one day, after her husband hits her once. She woke him up, and was ready to burn his balls off with the pot of hot water if he ever hits her again. Such a fascinating beginning in this book. The narrated story moves uphill with conflicts as it’s supposed to, and reveals a variety of secrets along the way.

Plans were offered by Dr. Rose, Diane’s doctor, regarding getting her getting away from her antagonist husband Richard. She also received inspiration from Richard’s mother, Helen, who endured spousal abuse in the past from her husband. They expressed the desire, to financially and psychosocially rescue Diane, from Richard the antagonistical sadist. The story appears to reach the top of the hill, where Diane seems to be strengthened based on the facts she has gathered about Richard’s life. Her weakness is diminishing, and she is facing the antagonist with defiance, and not being a coward, since support for victory is turning in her favor. Will this stage of her life become the plateau turning the process of conflict to resolution? Let’s find out!

The Middle: Absolute Gravity!

Confrontations in this section lead in varied directions. Confessions occur between Diane and Richard. His pregnant Swedish lover, Julie, hits center stage. His infidelity and cunningness are disclosed of him manipulating the detective hired by Diane, to uncover his infidelity. He bribes the detective not to provide all the facts of investigation to Diane. More secrets are disclosed, and skeletons jumped out the closets. Diane’s mother, is dying from cancer once in remission. She refuses treatment, and is disgusted with the brutal treatment by Richard of her daughter.

Things are on the downward resolution slope in this section, since Diane’s first mentioning of God. More skeletons are coming out the closets, regarding Richard and his Swedish lover, Julie. She is current pregnancy, and had a prior miscarriage of their child. Richard’s mother, Helen, has knowledge of the facts. She also talked about her own husband’s having a child from his infidelity. Things hit the fan when all three of Richard and Diane’s daughters: Sarah, Nina, and Leah the attorney, came home to see their grandmother, who is suffering from cancer before she dies. He sodomized Diane one night and, Sarah, one of the daughters heard the whole event. They turned against Richard and Leah, the hot shot flashy dressing lawyer, with her head in the cloud nine, the following morning. The plot thickens, when Sarah confesses about an incident she saw between her dad, and Leah romancing, when they came to England to twist her arm in trying to get her to change her studies to the field of law, and become a solicitor.

The slippery slope slides faster downhill, when Diane calls Richard’s mother, to accept the offer she made for her to leave Richard. More skeletons came out of the closet, which strengthen Diana, including the disinheritance of Richard because of his scandals to the family’s name. Diane, with raw emotion is now standing on her own two feet and taking things into her own hands. She calls Dr. Rose, seeking her help regarding an offer made to relocate her to New York through a confidant, named Cleo Miller. Unable to follow this lead, she calls a female, named Ruby, she met during a doctor’s appointment and consulted with her regarding a contact she has in New York, who could help her get away from Richard.
The End: Calculated Risks

She eventually met with Robert’s real estate agent, David Wilson, who is handling the sale of their house resulting from the pending divorce. She will receive none of the proceeds. Wilson stated to her, “Not many women would walk away from this. Take care of yourself.”  She also met with Richard’s lawyer regarding the divorce, Mr. Colfax from London. Richard claimed the following grounds for divorce: alienation of affection, none-resolvability, unrecoverable differences, and mental cruelty. She also relinquishes all claims to Richards’ inheritance, money, and assets. She also completed the documents from Richard’s mother allocating to her $1 million each year for the 28-years they were married. The attorney told her, “Live your life all of this will pass.” He then catches a cab heading for his flight to get back to his office in London. In actuality, she should be the one bringing such claims for a divorce against Richard. Such a devious rascal he is!  

Diane finally made it to New York, and stayed with her daughter, Nina. She eventually met Cleo, Dr. Rose’s contact. They greeted, Cleo likes her, and arranged a place for her to rent. They are both happy. She noticed a fellow with a pony tail looking at her one day while walking with Cleo to an appointment. He stopped in a tea shop, she watched him, waved, and walked on with Cleo. She and the ponytailed fellow came acrossed each other another day. He invited her to have a cup of tea. Turns out he is an attorney who is separated from his wife. They shared stories, he asked her out to dinner, to a place he owns named “A Piece of Heaven.” She has always wanted a “Piece of Heaven” since meeting Richard, which she never had. I developed an instinct it would take place, and I was right. They are now— “Lovie Dovie!”

Things were going well for Diane, until her daughter, Leah the attorney, visited her in New York. Sparks started flaring between Leah and her sister, Nina, who became upset and left the apartment. The sparks continue flying between Leah and her mother. Then the bomb shell fell. She stated she was pregnant once by her father, Richard the scoundrel, and had an abortion. She had a fight with her mother and disappeared thereafter.

The police came looking for Diane one day. Everyone was concerned. No one knew why they were there looking for her. The police eventually entered her apartment. Based on the news given to her by the police she fainted. Just image the ensuing and intriguing drama from this point to the end. Please, get the book and read all about it!


This book is excellently narrated. Plot is great. Themes various and continuous. Conflicts and trajectory awe-inspiring.  Emphasis superb and intimidating. Imagery thought provoking. Metaphor and simile are eye opening with comparison. Symbolisms are striking. The primary protagonist, Diane, and devilish antagonist Richard, superbly played their parts with unique drama and emphasis. The descriptive excellence invokes a variety of vivid images, reinforced by repetitions. There are other English conventions of literature displayed in the narrative. This is a very chilling, intriguing, dramatic and soul recovery story. It could truly have been non-fictional depending of the jurisdiction and/or setting. Drama takes place in society with worldwide humanity every day at different times and places. Some will explain it this way, “I can’t really believe it.” However, the fact of the matter is, believe or not, Stuff happens daily!”

About The Author

C. L. Charlesworth is truly an amazing author. She has the gift of imagination which is a bright beacon to her writing career. She has the vision of writing, and is very fortunate in taking blank sheets of paper and creating pages of a story evoking a wide array of intriguing human drama. I'm very inspired by her uplifting creative power in the simplest of things, forms, and aspects of life, to the most inventive of complex challenges a person may face. Along those line, she derives empathy for the character’s personality, she displays with immense dialogue. She is portrayed as a "back porch story teller,” proliferating imaginations with intriguing writing, which grabs the readers from the first sentence, onward with eloquence of thoughts and creativity.”

She also authored, “The Ears That Have Eyes." This book takes the reader on an emotional journey of faith, hope, love, and life. The novel is released by Publishing Inc (April 30, 2015). Its currently sold by Services LLC, and other book marketing sites.

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