Poetry: Marina Mijakovska

Marina Mijakovska

I 'm a sign.
Unfinished- Undefined- Unpredictable.
I move among the marks in the space.
I'm deepening the sense!
I disperse my meaning:
I'm You
You are Me
I'm Everything and Everywhere.

Female Ocean

In hot water
my soul
is bathing.
Silence speaks!
The key in the keyhole is jammed.
A cry, senseless and wild
of this female body
refuses to be kept in silence.


I'm a center, you are periphery!

Cut circles!

Where is the boundary?

Who are you, and who am I?

Domino effect!

I buckle you
of poisonious


Marina Mijakovska (1984) is a Macedonian poet, essayist, novelist and literary critic. She has PhD of philology sciense.  Since 2013, she is a member of Macedonian Writer's Association. She has 10 books published. Poetry:Nomadic Soul (2010); Suitcases (2013); Psychoanalytic alchemy of passion (2013);Turquoise into summer (2015); Bed of Silence (2015);  New Yeat's children's  poems (2017) and Bony (2019). Short stories:Houses (2014). Books with essays and critiques:Polymer genre: Mailbox of manuscripts in an attempt (2016) and The Models of Gender Idetification (2018). Part of poetic works and short stories from Mijakovska have been published in anthologies and periodicals in translation into: English, Serbian, Croatian, Albanian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, etc. She has won several literary prizes: "Karamanov" (2013); "Macedonian literary avant-garde" (2014); "Krste Chachanski" (2014); "Beli mugri" (2015) and etc.

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