Hyphenated Identities: Shruti Goel

Shruti Goel was born in Uttar Pradesh India. She holds an Honors Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature & a Master’s in Human Resource Management. Inspired by her sixth-grade teacher, she began to write poetry at the age of ten on independence, diversity & more. Her near-death experience in early 1995 colossally remodeled her perspective on life. In 1998 she moved to the USA. She is multi-lingual and writes in both English and Hindi. She had been heading a self-owned consulting firm for almost a decade. Shruti has formed and supported Parents Group Of Gifted & Talented, is a part-time teacher, an active volunteer for Read Across America, a successful arranger, and manager of fundraisers with authors like Dr. Eileen Kennedy Moore. Currently, she is compiling a book of her poems for future publication and runs a weekly book club that involves diverse works ranging from poetry to nonfiction and metaphysics.


Treading the known is not my forte
Conformity is not my virtue
To think within the scope of the apparent is an alley least traveled
To follow is too cliche 
Predictability for me is a predicament 
To know me you have to travel with me
Pack and unpack at sudden pit stops 
To think you know me is a fraction of what I allow you to know
Some say I'm fierce
Many think I'm vulnerable 

I'm not your perception 
I redefine myself every moment of my quest
Don't be taken aback by my choices 
I amaze myself plenty
My reasons to be who I am are substantial
No phrase, no term, no shame to affirm 
I own my book
My story is mine to confess
I turn a page on a daily basis 
Sometimes I wrinkle a page over
Sometimes in moments unclear and faint
To revisit and ponder
To decipher its blueprint
My identity is a jewel I adorn
Wrapped in realism
My vulnerability is my armor
My ferocity, my defense 
My truth, my power
I derive my strength from the Almighty 
My sense of independence comes from His unfaltering love for me
My undying faith in Him intimidates many
I cannot be broken,
Neither can I be bought.
Never ever underestimate me
No person,
No transition,
No growth,
No evolution,
No community,
No culture,
No race,
No tenet,
Or even our society’s popular template,
Will oscillate my originality.
Until I roam a spectrum
From now to my self-actualization
You will have to accompany my journey 

To ever find a moment to undulate me.

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