Aggravating Avatar

Dawn DeBraal

- Dawn DeBraal

Becca’s computer called her. She answered and was shocked when she answered herself. There she was, a cute little rabbit that used her look, her voice, her hairstyle. It was amazing. 
“Hi, Becca. I just wanted to let you know how we turned out! We look great, don’t we?” It took Becca a moment to remember she had filled out an extensive questionnaire, filmed herself, and sent it in to “A New You.” She was amazed at the likeness but charmed at how approachable and cuddly she would appear to people as an avatar. 
“I just called your brother Timmy, and wished him a Happy Birthday!” He thanked you for the call. Oh, yes, the Temfry Company, the one with the substandard sandals, I gave them a piece of your mind. They are letting you keep the sandals and will refund all your money back.”
“Who told you to do that?” Becca asked forcefully. Becca Bunny ignored her question.
“I did accept a date with picture number four on your dating website. It is strictly just for drinks. He seems like a great guy. You are to meet Peter tonight at Hal’s Seafood Grill. I only obligated you for drinks so you could back out if he doesn’t pan out to your liking. But if things go well, you will still have time for dinner, and Hal’s is a great place to eat.”
The Becca Bunny was starting to tick her off; she was suddenly ruling her life, and they’d only just met.
“I finished your report on the water clarity for the city water tower and sent it to the councilmen.”
“You what?” Becca was livid. How did this Becca Bunny get so much authority over her life? She remembered the hundreds of questions she had to answer during the registration process. 
“Bring up the report.” Becca read the document prepared by the avatar and was impressed with the AI’s grasp of what was going on. Becca hadn’t lifted a finger, and her report, due by the end of the day, was already in the hands of the City Council members. Becca found she had the day to do as she wished. She turned off the computer and decided to go shopping. 
She shopped for a dress, had her nails done, highlights in her hair. By seven in the evening, she walked through the door of Hal’s looking like a million bucks. 
“Becca? I’m Peter. Hi.” A gorgeous looking man offered his hand to her. Peter was very charming. They had quite a bit in common, not boringly so. He provided a lot of takes on their differing opinions. Drinks moved into dinner. Becca was having a wonderful evening when she thought about it. 
Dang, she’d forgotten to call her brother and wish him a Happy Birthday. She was so caught up with her day off she’d forgotten him. But then she remembered Becca Bunny had already done this for her. Becca Bunny was a fantastic assistant. The real Becca had to admit.
“Sorry, this credit card has been declined,” said the waiter. 
“There has to be some mistake,” Becca replied, embarrassed. The waiter shook his head no, adding,
“I double-checked for you, miss, a Becca Bunny reported your card was stolen.”
“But it’s my card, and I’m me.” Becca sputtered and showed the waiter her identification. She pulled out another card, her back up.
“I’m sorry, Miss, this card was reported stolen, too.” Becca looked helplessly at Peter. 
“This is so embarrassing.” Peter smiled and said it wasn’t a problem handing his card over to the waiter.
“It’s alright. I got it.”
Becca left Hal’s and Peter behind, feeling embarrassed. No doubt, they would never meet up again. She offered to buy their dinner, and Peter was good with her offer. Then her credit card was reported as stolen. When she got home, Becca turned on her computer.
“Becca Bunny, what have you done to my credit card?” Becca was near shouting. 
“Why it was stolen.” Becca Bunny hopped out from the side of the screen, looking cute and cuddly. 
“Why would you think that?” Becca glared at the aggravating avatar. 
“Because anyone who would steal my boyfriend would steal a credit card.” 
“Boyfriend? What are you talking about?” 
“Hello, Peter? Peter Rabbit, your date tonight. You were only supposed to meet him for drinks, but you carried on through dinner, didn’t you?” It was more of an accusation than a question. 
“How do I unlock my credit cards?” Becca tried to maintain her calm. 
“The Temfry Company will need some money to do that.” Becca Bunny said cheerily. “But sorry, we can’t take your stolen credit cards.” Becca Bunny giggled while Becca pulled the plug on her avatar. 
Becca got on her phone and texted the computer repair shop. Tomorrow, she would get someone from the shop to rid herself of Becca Bunny once and for all.
“Hello, Becca, can I do anything for you?” her phone lit up.
“No thanks, goodnight Becca Bunny.”
“Oh, by the way, I tendered your resignation with the City Water Commission effective immediately. Good night Becca.” The Becca Bunny Avatar hopped off the phone screen and the phone shut down for “lack of payment.”

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