Poetry: Anasuya Bhar

Anasuya Bhar


To not find a fathom,
To be overridden,
By my own thoughts,
To be always left
As an outsider,
Even beyond the utmost periphery
Is common to my lot – 
Therefore, let me be 
Locked in my own peripheries
Beyond the outside of others
Let me be content, happy, 
Ignorant of all those thorns
That thistle my ways – 
Let me be happy 
Within my own, 
My peripheries 


There is a flower that blooms
Late into the year
That flower, that unfurls
When watered with love – 
Its petals are a deep red
And its sinews and its veins 
Throb with a passion 
And a longing pure,
For that one touch
Which has made it come
So late, into the age 
Of the year.  


A lonely tree by the waterside, in full reddish-pink bloom
By a brown edifice of some foreign land,
The calm waters lazily idling by, bringing in ruminations strange
And thoughts myriad and unsaid,
Nesting and birthing in the pools of the mind.

Or even the blush of a new dawn between hills,
Playing with the newly born clouds,
Grey and white and fading vermilion even, 
Painting the picture, perhaps, of a bride
New or wasted in the rituals of habit.

Or a crowd of violets, nestling, comforting among
Dewy leaves, fresh, new and adolescent,
Spreading happiness like a grapevine,
In the gardens of the soul and the sinews of the mind,
Like sweet thoughts in a dream. 

Words are all the colours in my palette
Creating shadows of landscapes far and wide
But what are words to the smile,
Of one so immaculate, pure and perfect,
One whose lingering presence, breathes life to all?  
Dr. Anasuya Bhar is Associate Professor of English and the Dean of Postgraduate Studies in St. Paul’s Cathedral Mission College Kolkata. Dr. Bhar is the sole Editor of the literary Journal Symposium http://www.spcmc.ac.in/departmental-magazine/symposium/, published by her Department. She has various academic publications to her credit. She is also keen on travel writing and poetry writing. She has her own blog https://anascornernet.wordpress.com/. Her poems have been published in ‘Borderless Journal’ and ‘Ode to a Poetess’. 


  1. Great composition.. The periphery stole my heart.Landscapes too is a powerful poem with vivid images coming alive

  2. Wizardry with words & magic with metaphors. Lovely.

    1. Thank you so much Zenith! I am so glad you liked them!


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