Poetry: Anjana Basu

Anjana Basu

 and if you should go away
to whom would i turn at the end of day
to tell you story or spin a web between
me and you and all the flowering wild that happens
in the gilt edges of a pointed moon 
drawn by a pencil of misconception
a blank space scratching where your fingers were
and the fever that raged once upon a time
before the frangipani faded and the sky closed its eyes
to the brown edges of the lost moment
a museum of memories with rocks for names
bittersweet memories
will anything remain?

through the quotidian moment  a girl walked by, evenly  white tipped black hair like a candle marking the passing time in wax melt, perhaps another intellectual paraphrase of something that should have been read between in the lines, while in the middle row an old man nodded and the voices droned on


The heart of a cup
a conversation starter veiled in cream
is it a beginning or a barter
the trading back and forth 
of lips and tongue
hesitant to venture beyond that threshold
the heart dissolves
its warmth lingers in the memory

the coffee brown the colour of skin 
turned darker by cobalt sea and golden sand 
here the hounds are inspiration as they flow between the waves 
an elusive pink spiral somewhere
 over  the cup the  poet broods
 seeing a mirrored face that his lips meet 
across a china rim pencilled in gold


The song flows like a river in the twilight
Slow waves of violet darkening to blue
The fire streak a glow beneath the horizon
Its waves wash over me
Breath by breath
Blue ebbs and flows
Hiding the fire
Hiding me in the darkness of your love
Till I drown blue from head to toe

Born in Allahabad, schooled for a time in the UK, Anjana Basu has to date published 9 novels and 2 books of poetry, The Chess Players and Other Poems from Writers Workshop and Picture Poems and Word Seasons from Authorpress. Her first poem was chosen for the Illustrated Weekly by the then Poetry Editor Kamala Das. Her poems have appeared in an anthology brought out by Penguin India. Since then she has featured in Kunapipi, The Blue Moon Review, The Phoenix Review, The Ginosco Review, the Salzburg Review, Prosopisia and Indian Literature, to name a few.  Most recently she was published in Muse, an anthology of NE poets

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