Oh, Enlightened one

Mehak Varun
Oh, Enlightened one 

The gentle soul 
the freedom of self 
taught who love 
just pure affection
a spirit so free 
gained bliss of the being.

The silence that is strong 
sustaining the belong 
in a world more white 
creating the delight. 

Saffron, white and green 
fluttering in the heavenly blues 
Unity is the strength 
humanity is the depth. 

Oh, Enlightened one 
ignite our souls too. 

You are the God's creation 
a gentle human 
who won the war 
without gun or sword 
a philosophy so rare 
an epitome of calmness 
standing right up there.  

We salute you 
a sublime man 
our pride, father of our nation 
we bow before you 
today and evermore.

Bio: Writer, Mehak Varun, LL.B, is the author of three books - THE HUMANE QUEST (volume-1,2 &3), published by Authorspress, New Delhi. It is a QUEST for HUMANITY.
She is born and brought up in Jammu and settled in Chandigarh. She has been bestowed with '100 Inspiring Authors of India' award in Kolkata. She has also been honoured with the 'Women of Influence 2019' award presented on women's day in New Delhi. Recently she has been awarded Gitesh-Biwa Memorial Award of excellence for her article on woman power "I Just Need A Chance" . Along with her books, her work has been published in various anthologies and she is recipient of various other prizes in poetry competitions as well.
She is known for raising contemporary issues in the society. Just as there is freedom, there is a certain responsibility towards the same. To choose to do good and be good within the specified responsibilities, is freedom in action. 'The Humane Quest' is a humble attempt to create awareness against the evils of society and stimulate the strong Indian values which are lacking in the present times.

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