Poetry: Gary Beck

Gary Beck

The sparrows have begun to sing
that finally it’s Spring. It’s Spring!
But it seems they sang too soon
and now they’ll sing a different tune,
for suddenly it started snowing,
winter winds continue blowing.


The sun is high in the sky.
The temperature is rising.
Green buds sprouted on the trees.
The birds are singing happily.
We have already forgotten
the snowstorm the first day of Spring.
Now we are ready to enjoy
shirt sleeves in warm weather.
Can It Be?

Dogwood is blooming everywhere.
Daffodils are blooming everywhere.
A scrawny cherry tree
is working like wild
to put out its aroma.
So much of Nature
seems to be doing its stuff
for a beautiful Spring,
yet its just a few degrees
above freezing.

Changeable II

The first warm day of Spring.
The sun is shining.
The birds are singing.
Trees are beginning to leaf.
People are wearing short sleeves.
Everyone is taking advantage
of a balmy day
unwilling to believe
it will be cold tomorrow.

Third World

People wander through the park
aimless, relaxed, cheerful,
enjoying the moment
without the faintest idea
our frayed society
is careening to disaster.
Unlike other times
in history
when coincidence,
miracle, proper actions
saved the day,
the paucity of our leaders
painfully reminds us
they cannot help us
and most don’t even care.

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