Nature and Life: Piku Chowdhury: Poetry (Life, Cognition and Creativity)

Piku Chowdhury
1. Canopy

There's a hiatus
In familiarity and meaningless exchange,
When the recluse pulls in 
The canopy of dense verdant dark,
The blinding glare is shut out .
Only the hush intensified by cicadas-
Moments drop like dew
Clinging onto shards of grass
That pierce the facades with abruptness
As the truth germinates 
Gently in the dark moist earthen refuge. 

2. Clouds

The clouds enter the rooms with ease 
And drop a moment with facile grace,
The mist permeates the pores and bores 
an endless pit in a well masked face.
Pent up tears and concealed wounds
How touched by lulling mist flow free-
As woolly clouds soak pearly drops 
With oblivion and tenderness.
Steaming oolong blends with mist
 As clouds the newfound friends play on
Whispering tales of mountain snows 
And memories of a unicorn
That galloped in the innocent mind
 Now burdened with age, and disillusionments
Rainbows pervade teatales with
Fairytales of dewy scents.

3. Sky

A slice of blazon immersing blue
Through heat and dust, and fear or fest
Wedges between frantic pupils
Suggesting infinity amidst the waste.
Through the gaps of brazen skyscrappers 
Fleeting rendezvous with truant blue 
Clouds moisten the parched dying hearts
Droplets design such rainbows new-
Dousing relentless incinerations,
With messages of rainy rejuvenations.

4. Winter

Winter leaves are set on fire
With wisps of smoke perpetrating
The mellowed silence of morning chill,
Fevered eyes seek the dews 
And ride the smoke to distant hills.
Misty trails with trident lamps
 On either ways look strange forlorn
Fever and fear of Covid death 
Touch the drooping bulbul's song
And spread in thousand refractions 
Of sleepy notes of dreamy memoirs
In falling leaves turned letters of past 
Each dewdrop turned to a thousand suns.
Each dead fallIing floating leaf -
Eternity's weaving yarn.

5. The Mighty River Roopnarayan

How the mighty Roopnarayan now
sparkles in the mid-day blaze
Intimidating royalty in
 wavy crests and misty haze,
Silent threat of flooding rage 
And demolition of manoevours-
Sustainer of verdant life 
and refuge for the daydreamers.
Roopnarayan the mighty flow
Of human aspirations and fall
Sparkling tide a note of life
The elixir of dreamcatchers.

Piku Chowdhury: Assistant Professor, at Satyapriya Roy College of Education (Government Aided Post Graduate College). Ph.D. (English), Ph.D. (Education), Author of nine books, Translator, Editor, Resource person - national and international seminars, NIEPD, State Resource for SSM in collaboration with UNICEF, Project Director in Research Projects funded by UGC and ICSSR.

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