Guest-Editorial: Life, Cognition and Creativity

Dr. Rameshwer Singh
An egg and a sperm meet and life is conceived in the womb. It is developed through a certain period to become a life-form.

This development is an amazing process of complicated and interwoven physical and biochemical activities that are meticulously smooth on their own!

Life commences amidst pain. The mother bears labour pains and then delivers. Baby cries arriving in this world. The universe and nature rejoice in this new arrival!

We know the process but many of us as mortals are yet to understand the flame of self-hood and its awareness.

The flame is of divinity. Spirituality leads us to merge with the divinity. A few of us whom we call Guru and saint have attained this transcendental existence and unique experience.

In Nature we have been studying flora and fauna, galaxies and planets, Big Bang theory and God`s Particle, Black Holes and Sun`s Storm, moon`s black dots, mountains and rivers. But again many of us still have not been able to understand the mystic element in their existence. But some have grasped it and reached that state. They are truly holy persons.

They have been guiding us through ages. It is only love, Love and love only, they say, is an illuminated and fragrant divine path to reach God.

Love humanity and love nature.

We can feel Him right there holding our hands and melting our hearts. He is inside us. He smiles with us, laughs with us, cries with us, even feels happiness and sorrow with us.

Just dress the wound of an injured person and, the sparkle in his /her eyes is that of God.

Ever try talking to plants and trees, they will respond. Only then we should have the heart that feels. Try speaking to a hill or a beautifully-flowing river. They listen to us with empathy.

If we have been a frequent visitor to a monument or a hill station, we can feel that they meet us as we meet our friend or relative after a long period of time.

An author is an artist. Through his/her art he/she explores nature and humanity.

He/she attains spirituality by loving nature and serving humanity.

We are fortunate to have been born as a human being who has the deepest, highest and most dense consciousness in every dimension. This conscious mind seeks and finds spirituality and feels empathy, sympathy and love in plants, animals and human beings. Many have felt deep love and have enormous trust in the places of worship. Many have felt God talking and communicating with them through divine icons in their homes.

So it is our passion to seek Almighty in this world through nature and humanity.

Artists seek through their art.

This is what we have tried to gather various forms of art in this special issue.

For this special issue on Spirituality and Nature, it is heartening to find so many wonderful submissions.

Congratulations for all selected and best wishes for the others.

I would like to thank Setu editors and all the authors for their cooperation in this project.

Happy New Year dear friends!

Rameshwer Singh (Meerut, India)

Setu, December 2020 issue   

Guest Editor's Bio: Surgery and poetry are my passions. Surgery is my profession also. I may do surgery anytime. Sometimes in deep hours of night, sometimes even after being exhausted. God always resides in  heart. During surgery many a time finds oneself in a difficult situation. Some moments of patience then everything settles in easy flow of God destined actions.

I am not alone, it may be true for every surgeon. It is divine. Poetry occurs to me at intense moments. It is not I can compose anytime. God is always here in heart.

Seeking Solace and Sublime: Nature and Creative Cognition
(Setu Special, December 2020): Authors

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