Amita Ray: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Amita Ray is a former associate professor in English and Vice-Principal of a college residing in Kolkata, India. An academic of varied interests she is a Translator and Short Story writer. She has published two volumes of Translations, KHIRER PUTUL. and TREATS IN TRANSLATIONS. Her recent book is a collection of short stories TRAIL OF LOVE AND LONGINGS. She has a passion for writing poems and has contributed to various anthologies and journals..

YEAR 2021

A wisp of hope crystallizes
in thawing warmth of time, breathing
respite to lingering helplessness,
a cursed year floundering trails
into a year of embryonic hope
flaking off clawed edges of gloom.

Clinics buzz round the clock
take toll of untold thousands
while laboratories intensely speculate,
white coats triumph over white shrouds
embody human expectation in
vaccines that immune

Moving ahead-
a sigh gushes from deep, voices choke within
looking through the rear view mirror
billowing clouds of mourning margin
a bygone year, tear swept.


Her mirror has of late turned erratic
It dodges her reflexion, mimics
Her khol rimmed eyes
Cherry reddened lips contoured quiver
Colourful nail wrapped fingers fumble-
She furrows her tresses for the final tweak
Faces her mirror craving for accolades
The halogen light fantasizes feigned lustre
On the caked epidermis of self-conceit,
She glares at the mirror inset
Pleading for the wonted nod of praise.

A voice emerges from soul profound
Lashing rejoinder to pleas
All the glitter of pretensions
Frivolous images hoarded
In the pupil of khol rimmed eyes
Shed as drops of tears pure, pristine,
Exfoliating layers of narcissism
Peeling masks hinged on make believe
Weeding out fungus of empty nothings-
And in the last purged tear drop
A precious pearl
She recognises her ‘self’
For tear drop never lies.


Dreamy eyes agog she roves peak of fancy
Colours her world rinsed with blobs bright
The sky shimmers in bubbles of ecstasy
Nature yields to her impulsive vibes.
Countless dreams impinge on memory
Blush in strokes between lines
Thoughts swirl tinge and touch
A tableau in colours galore.

Dreamy eyes season in maze of messy reality
Colours of innocence dribble uncertain rhythm
Chaos and confusion of a fake world
Absorbs all rainbow colours
Her cerulean sky in anguish turns black.
She withdraws, forages inner pasture
Serene stream of thoughts outpour
Sweep across canvas
In monochromatic shade To colour truth.

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