Glory Sasikala: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Glory Sasikala is a writer, poet and publisher from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. She is the Editor and Publisher of GloMag, the international monthly online poetry and prose magazine, and is administrator of the group of the same name on Facebook. She is the creator of ‘The Chennai Ladies’ series of E-books on She has recently published her third novel, ‘My Life My Script’.


So much would be resolved
If we would just Come To The Table
sit across and discuss
without anger but with understanding
of what it’s like to be in the other’s shoe
instead of bickering
slandering, slaying, smearing, and sullying
from afar.

Maybe it’s easier to bicker 
slander, slay, smear and sully
from afar
than to Come To The Table and
sit across and talk?

To just ask why this happened?
To just see if we can work things out?
To arrive at a consensus
With faith that things will fall in place?

But Dear Rulers,
You won’t Come To The Table, will you?
Because that’s not what you want...


Religion! That’s a dirty word
It separates the world
It’s for fools!
It’s phoney!
Religion causes wars
Religion creates hate

Abandon religion
Don't look up to the skies
It’s all here. It’s in you. It’s in how you live.

A girl makes her way to the convent
“Say your prayers,” says Mother Helen.
“Our Father who art in Heaven…
Confess your sins
I believe in God the Father...”

the storm came
and blew the world away.
The girl knelt in her quiet haven and prayed
“Our Father who art in Heaven...”


I color outside the line
pinks and blues, browns and reds
greens and whites and yellows.

Your staid mind
would like to color too
but within.

Outside the line
are the blue sky, the rainbow
the flowers, birds and trees
in rare un-precision.

Outside are the birds too
flying everywhere!

Outside are daring thoughts and
willingness to explore
where your within lines dare not.

flowers fly and butterflies bloom, and
it doesn’t take rains to make a rainbow.

While you test the waters to see
if you dare step
outside the line
I have flown
to another world!

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