Ipsita Ganguli: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Ipsita Ganguli, a Former Hotelier, Business Consultant, Author, Travel Writer, Heritage Enthusiast, Poet, has worn, and continues to wear many hats...but above all, she has, and will always be a student of the myriad experiences that life holds out. Ipsita writes...because she "must".Her poems have been published in several national and international e zines and anthologies. She is also one of the main characters of the poetryfilm Kolkata Cocktail.

Her solo compilation of poems” Of Love, Longing and Random Pondering” is available on Amazon.in and in select stores all over the city.


Tequila Shot

Of the many times
I said good bye to you,
The many ways I tried
This one
Is the strangest yet...

Alternating between whiskey sours
And camomile tea
We swung
Sombre and high
As time stood by....

But what is strange about that?
We, together, always slide
Beyond time
Beyond love
Beyond hate

And remain hungover
With each other
Beyond goodbyes
And yet...
We need to part
Each time...

Sweet endings are not for us...
We are much like
The last tequila shot tonight
Smooth, salty, fiery, glowing
With the sour lemon aftertaste
Sweeping us in a tingling high
Leaving us drunk in each other...

Moorings Afloat

Sitting in the sunshine
I sieve through feelings
That were once mine
I mull over those moorings...

You and I,
Flushed with happiness
Would then paint the sky
With infinite tenderness...

And I ask
When did the crack show?
How did life become a task,
Why did we have to stoop low?

You and I loved once, then we set ourselves free...
Lost moorings, floating apart into the deep tumultuous sea.

Luminous Dreams

These star shaped bubbles,
Effervescent prettiness,
My luminous dreams.


I look up to you,
In eager expectation
Will you rain on me,
Your unconditional love
My deep blossoming desire


The hollowness of your unspoken words
Pricks me
And makes a hole in the emptiness of time…

Even as the empty time
Seems to stand still
On a silent tick…

For an understanding,

That will never be ours…

And so I remain, caught in a frame
Of hollow emptiness
Staring out into the vacuum of our beings

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