Niladri Mahajan: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Niladri Mahajan is an international award winning poet, author of two poetry books- "A Diffused Room" and “Aura of Light”, a counselling psychologist, He lives in Kolkata, India. His poems are translated into French, Arabic, Bengali, Japanese, Greek, Mandarin, Bosnian, Soha, Uzbek, Swedish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, Macedonian, and Italian. He is a PhD student in Bioinformatics of Calcutta University and is trained in Classical music. He participated in five group painting and photography exhibitions in recent past, and active as a street photographer, watercolour artist, loves to do long afternoon walks, scuba diving and gliding.


Stopping breaths
Flower of dream opens
Mozart’s music

Quivering softness
March gathers
Bamboo flute resonating

A mind probing 
Limitless fathom
Rudra Veena vibrates

A spring moon sinks
Beneath my heart
Listening to Yanni


A winter ripens
Delightful soaking in love
Nalen Gur’s Rasogolla

Utmost tender girl
I touched her breasts
Mouthful of Fuchka 

It’s greed
Leaking chocolate secretly
A plate of Papri-chat

Dream follows despair
Not catching cinema on time
A puff of Jhalmuri


Bright emptiness there
The unknowing skyscrapers
Newtown embraces me

Keeping to each other
Young couple shares lunch
Busy Newmarket around 2 P. M.

A bouquet of dreams
Morning rain drenched it
My childhood at Maniktala

Can’t imagine more
Translucent neon of silence
Chowringee at 3 A. M.

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