Pranab Ghosh: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

 Pranab Ghosh is a journalist, writer and poet. He runs a blog “Existential Problems”. His poems and prose piece have been published in various international journals including Dissident Voice, Spillwords, The Piker Press, Memoryhouse etc. His first solo book of poems “Soul Searching and Other Poems” has been published by Scarlet Leaf Publishing, Toronto, in 2017. His second collection of poems “Vision of the World and Other Poems” has been published by the UK-based in 2020. 

Digging Away Sad Times

Time crawled inside 

My head
Your life changed
In my heart

Our times took shape
As my soul touched 
Yours and the prison van
Took away the sad 
Memories and jailed those
Beyond the measure of law.

The winter breeze turned 
Me cold and I sought warmth
In your embrace. I looked 
Beyond the horizon where
The sea touched the sky
And saw us floating
In the boat that brought
Us to the shore of life.

Our souls clapped, danced and
Sung with joy, but with somber
Faces we stood still to 
Welcome the new morn.

Future Bonding

I looked at your face
Happy, reassuring.

Time travelled without me
And I sat by it counting 
Days and night. Time flowed
And I journeyed back with 
It, heart in my hand.

Time flew
And made me stand
In front of a picture,
A happy one.

My mind questioned
Its standing
I tried to find solace
In time
In an uncertain future
With past and present
Leaving my company.

I travelled with you
In future, an uncertain
But certain destiny!

Last Christmas – A Rediscovery

Last Christmas I looked 
At you.
I was nowhere.

You looked at him
Love in your eyes
And a reassuring smile
Oozing from you
Your whole body
That assuring touch.

This Christmas after
You gave me your heart 
You threw away mine.

Dirt, dust
Love, passion
Lust, hatred.

My heart got trampled
By wayfarers, who 
Looked at me with pity
Some questioned 
My standing.

Carols are sung
Cakes are distributed
Children make merry

I watch you and him 
From a distance
My heart packed in 
A ruby-studded box.

A Christmas gift for you!

Forget Me Not!

Take my heart with you,
I plead

Take my soul with you,
I implore

Take my memories with you,
I say

Leave not my heart behind
Leave not my soul behind
Leave not my memories behind

I will rot
My flesh will burn
Without you

Leave me if you will

A flower has dried up.
Life’s like a dessert
And I am out searching
For that oasis, to 
Be found nowhere!

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