Sangeeta Gupta: Poetry (Voices Within 2021)

Sangeeta Gupta has 35 solo exhibitions of paintings, 21 published books, 10 books translated in other languages,11documentary films to her credit so far. In March 2020, she created the longest Indigo Painting on sustainable hand spun khaddar textile. There is a collection of short stories and twelve anthologies of poems in Hindi to her credit. Her poems are translated in many languages ie in German, Greek, Mandarin, English Bangla, Dogri, Tamil and Urdu. Weaves Of Time, Ekam, Song Of Silence and Ends Are Beginnings are her 4 collection of poems in English. Song of the Cosmos is her creative biography.

Loneliness hangs
from the window
looking for the sun 
set long ago
the evening melted in longing
for the unknown
in the middle of the darkest hour
a shadow walks in
and shares agonising past
all seems to be lost
yet the spirit rises
from the abyss
to reach the soul
nether given in to gloom all round
nor given up on life
I look forward to the morning.


You may not be mine
but your soul belongs to me
beyond time and space
we have always known this
we are twin souls
we in denial mode
it doesn't help us anymore
your thoughts are inscribed
in every cell of my existence
we never utter a word
not even in our shared dreams
we just smile
silence is so comfortable
we have spent
thousands of lifetime together
we know
we understand that
silence is a poem.


You are so, so far away
from my reach
so remote
so distant
and yet
you fill me
Inside out
with your presence
I wonder what is mine
left in me
some souls are inseparable
they defy all reasoning
time and space
they are one and the same
no voice no words
they communicate
in silence.


Are you and I
the same person
as we were
before we met
how two souls
living so far away
fulfil each other
with no communication
much has changed in me
I love my solitude more than ever
I can pen down
your telepathic thoughts effortlessly
at times I am stunned
how words flow out of me
you are non verbal
a spring of silence
I write your silence.

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