Carol Welter: Poetry (Western Voices 2021)

Bio: Carol Welter is a lifelong learning student in the field of live theatre, storytelling and spoken word. Her classical theatre training allows her to teach without abandoning various schools of interpretation, which include vocal development and stage posturing. Her curriculum includes, The Alexander Technique, Shakespeare and Creek Theatre. Her formal trainings were with the Shakespeare Conservatory, Watford School of Drama, Little Theatre Master Class with Louise Bennett, and she is currently in a Theatre Program at Clayton State University to keep her skills fresh. Currently Carl hosts a monthly weekend event which showcases singers, dancers, and performers. Twice yearly, she is responsible for directing an original stage play, and she holds a seat on the performance arts committee with PACT of UUCA in Atlanta GA.




Waiting like an empty clay pot

Under the Oak tree.

Yearning to be heard and understood.


Time moves slowly

In our cloud forest. 

Blankets and nourishes.


Walking through space, unseeing the Black Hole.

Falling through the corridors of living.

Textures of life have come and gone

And move on and on…



I Know You



I know you.

I know what goes on inside of you.

I understand the pain you feel.

Your need for acceptance.

The tales of grandeur, all to mask the fear inside.


I know you.

I know about your lost loves.

The loves unrequited.

Why you go overboard and stretch yourself

Doing for us all…


I know you, Oh how I know you

The facades you doff from head to toe not even feeling it!

Wanting others to see your togetherness.

So many of us are you, we the do-gooders in the community

Work hard to bring about change, beauty, fairness and equality.

We exhaust ourselves doing

Creating ourselves heroes.


I know you.

I know us.

I know me.

No, No! now don’t speak, don’t attempt to explain!

It’s a cover for the pain, the need for gain that runs deep in our veins.


Oh how I know you…


Solo on Sill


Consider sitting on the window sill during the heat of the noon day sun.

Red from head to toe

Yet your signature white tip, always rolled over.

Your front a deeper hue burnt to a crisp, almost wine.

Relationships begin in an amiable way, ice clinking, a drink of gentle sips, pleasant conversations… 

Glancing through the window from time to time toward the beautiful people in the circular tower…

People laughing,

Cheering each other on,

Solving the world’s problems. 

From the corner of your eye, are shadows of lovers on the sofa

Pondering where their lives will go.

You experience the glow of the orange sunset.

Fantasize the journey of others.

You watch the chef tossing a sumptuous something in a white bowl.

On this window sill alone, empty, dried up, hot and forgotten.

A Solo Cup.


  1. Wow-- I love how you use containers in these poems. Especially the contrast in the last poem.

  2. Nice to read your works, Carol! We'll get together soon:-)


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