Linda Imbler: Poetry (Western Voices 2021)

Bio: Linda Imbler is the author of five paperback poetry collections and three e-book collections (Soma Publishing). Her newest collection entitled, “Per Quindecim” is a book of poems containing 15 lines or less. It will be published by Soma Publishing in late January, 2021. This writer lives in Wichita, Kansas with her husband, Mike the Luthier, several quite intelligent saltwater fish, and an ever-growing family of gorgeous guitars.

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Down The Center of Sin


Who would know best any true goodness,

any sweet reason, and be content

to move as virtue’s majestic sunset moth?


Down the center of sin,

torments or graces croon.

Fatal fruit gives the impression

of having been divinely hung.

There’s a strange scourging

upon the Earth, sea, and sky

where lies glorious desolation.


No longer wanting to see

the finger of painful judgement

wagged in my face,

down the center of sin,

I will weave my colorful moth cloth,

and wear it as protection

from others seeing

my soul’s dark sorrow.




Another entrance to Heaven leans toward me.

The abandoned rage continues to dwindle.

Truth beckons to the innocent,

and the faithful mount their art on the sacred walls.


There’s blood conjuring in the church.

I find my life still being drawn to its altar.


But life’s tremendous closure will come.


Faith betters the contract.

It’s never too late to make changes

that will ensure a smooth transition.


And even at the last,

the paramount thought in my head

will still be of you.



May These Truths Be Self-Evident


I see that we must disagree,

and I do not wish to be misunderstood.

You have more than a thimbleful of ego,

so what I have to say must not become distorted.


I can’t believe the balance of my human condition.

I’m not ready for another anxious conversation,

don’t want any more cruel wounds of the heart,

but there’s no limit to your ingenuity.


I don’t care for any grandstanding today,

should your obscure purpose intend to encroach on me.

I feel the wretchedness of my confusion deep down.

I will not become resigned to your imagined victory.


I will not become seasoned to a backwards slide,

nor will I lose my place on the squares.

All my acquired experiences will I bring to bear,

to forever cradle that trust I once so much enjoyed.


Your voice will not destroy.

My own plans I will deploy.

All lies will become white noise,

and hateful ways I will chose to avoid.


  1. deep prophetic resonances in the first two-- a bit of a jeremiad in the final cut. Love them!

  2. Thank you very much to Sunil Sharma, Anurag Sharma, and the delightful Guest Editor Scott Thomas Outlar for publishing my three pieces

  3. I'm particularly drawn to the energy and imagery of Paramount.


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