Robin Wyatt Dunn: Poetry (Western Voices 2021)

 Bio: Robin Wyatt Dunn was born in Wyoming in 1979. You can read more of his work at:


the earth remembers me in my sleep

with her dark nectar


my enemies have found my position and torture me

with electricity


I pour it down to her in my bed

miles deep


but how many earths are there below?





These trees hover as icons


Theotokos, the birth giver of god

Vladimir the Smolensk



in the door of contemplation


Over the girl with the hula hoop

Over the old man with his cigarette

Over the Africans chanting and drunk

Over the ritual night



Their needles are sharp and come into my room

The sun is their storm brother

Locked in sight


Ash hands and headbeams

Hair branches cutting the sky


the nasty eyes of the office woman

the colorless faces

trying for joy

the stairwell haunted

by too much meat

the designer some satanist

off in his keep


the color of the desert



the cats

cut hard against the grass like snakes


the lizards

imbued with heartache

able to dance against the light

treating men like children

before the light


the monitors sucking the people in



give me the freedom to take the gun out

and inform my associates of their mistake


this is a holdup moth*f*ker

of your mind


  1. melancholy and direct, revelatory and sensuous.

  2. Aw...spooky and scary and wild and raw ...all in a positive way! All together, these pieces work very well.


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