Women Poetry: Claudia Piccinno, Italy

Exclusive: Women Poetry: Edited by Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy
Claudia Piccinno

If even in this moment of connection
You decided to go away
I would understand…
If I kept writing with harassing pen,
and this fact would harm you,
I would stop.
If a microbe drags you away
on other shores
where interlocutors are not allowed,
as a stone sphinx I would become a wall.
New words are falling down as raindrops
without any sense, in order to measure
this emptiness that speaks outstandingly
waiting for a verse.


The Carnival looks out at the same piece of sea,
right there where I could have been happy.
Foam of alchemical feeling carried me away
from everyday pain.
But then I went back to the crime scene
with the little lantern in order to not hurt me .
And yet the same crazy splinters
of an omnipresent love they rip old wounds
And it was only fault of my steps
trained themselves to reiterate trust
in the most sterile of illusions,
that of being loved despite my weaknesses.

Claudia Piccinno  is the Continental Director for Europe in the World Festival Poetry, and represents Istanbul culture in Italy as Ambassador of Ist Sanat Art Association. She has to her credit 36 published poetry collections that also include translations by her into Italian. A recipient of several awards and prizes notably: Naji Naaman Prize-2018 and Global Icon Award 2020 by Writers Capital International Foundation. Her poem "In Blue" is played on a majolica stele posted on the seafront in Santa Caterina di Nardo (Le). She is European editor for the international literary magazine Papirus in Turkey and for Atunis Magazine international.

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