Women Poetry: Marian Eikelhof, Netherlands

Exclusive: Women Poetry: Edited by Padmaja Iyengar-Paddy

Athena, get out of my side,
you jealous soul, change into stone,
are you so desperate...
to steal all my light, spread it out solely over you,
feel admired for your looks
whereas you know my beauty is divine
oh, you degenerated spirit
don’t leave me as a bunch of dirt in the shade
pathetic, mediocre goddess
you are so vain
but dear, Poseidon doesn’t want you
he desires me
so, don’t you dare and touch me
my lovely, shiny hair vanished, all vanished
only snakes crawling on my scalp
but never mind, Athena,
you can have my head
see you in the world of light
after death.


So sorry, dear, 
for not being the lovely nymph you dreamt of
instead of lying at your feet, kiss the ground you walk on,
I am assertive
The witch you see is only a woman
setting her boundaries straightforwardly
I am being honest, whereas you find me heartless
dislike my independence,
the capacity to break free from old patterns
from dysfunctionality
how you envy this
call me insensitive
as I try to make the deadline
prioritize professionalism
don’t try to demonize me, dear,
for being a business woman
is no sin.

Marian Eikelhof, a poet and a psychologist, writes poetry in English and Spanish about the emotional aspects of life. Her poems have been published by several prestigious magazines and anthologies She has recently  started the Foundation International Literary in which the aim is to facilitate intercultural exchange between countries by introducing each other to each other's different artistic expressions. By internationally joining artistic forces the peace process is promoted in the world building symbolic bridges and forming a network of intellectuals and artists who aim to defend humanity. Marian has planned to soon publish a collection of  her  Spanish poems.

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