Poetry by Nidhi Agrawal


Your name is as sacred as the Ganges
Chasm (Ashes) as holy as river Yamuna
And Rudraaksh as pious
As the river Sarasvati.

A devotee who possesses the name of
Lord Shiva on his lips,
Who applies Bhasm on his person
Who wears a Rudraaksh in his neck,
Attains the virtues similar to that
Of taking a bath in the Sangam (Confluence of rivers).

Oh lord of the sacred rivers!
Let me be your loveliest devotee
Lips are nothing,
My being possesses your name,
Skin smeared in ashes,
Neck embellished with Rudraaksh
Embrace me,
Let the meeting do the talking.



Your wrath is the father of
Ferocious Veerbhadra and Mahakali
Born from the locks of your hair,
Dashed against the mountains,
They unlock destruction and
Severe head of Daksha
To feed your revenge.


Belief as if god,
Otherwise stone.


Indiscriminate actions build castles
Of agony
Imprisoning the being.
In the absence of consciousness,
Something ends,
Something starts,
Embodying beauty.


All eyes on the melting glaciers.
I fill the vessels of my bosom
With the flowing crystals of
Your presence.
I could pluck my breasts to
Lift the lid pressed on my heart
Maybe, you reside in the tiny vessels
Of my meat to
Hear my heartbeats.
To find you is a ballsy job,
I am a satiated employee
In your presence.

As the Moon embellishes the sky with peace,
As the Stars come together to

Become constellations,
As the lotus petals bloom in mud,
Oh Lord of the highest peaks,
I become,
In your presence.


It's a tough row to reach you
Years of austerity cannot
Measure my yearning for you.
I have abandoned the material pleasures
That create hindrances to reaching your town.
Meanwhile, the mind has constructed a castle
For you,
The heart is decorated with rose festoons.
The body is converted into
A castle, I want you to see.
My reality cultivates
Love, kindness, forgiveness in its garden,
The rivers are gushing back and forth between
Flesh and bones.
If you see your devotees in Kashi, Kailash and Ujjain,
Oh lord of the highest peaks!
I am your Kashi, Kailash and Ujjain.


Give me nobody but Shiva,
I am willing to do anything to
find his love.
Tell me about the penance
I should perform to get him.
It does not matter if
penance consists of flagellation, fasting or pilgrimage,
I am ready to be consumed by
the questions to find my
answers in him.
But, promise me to give me
nobody but Shiva.

Bio: Nidhi Agrawal is an Ex- Communication Designer with five years of extensive experience across media, entertainment and design space with several organizations. Nidhi is interested in poetry, arts and culture, health and intriguing subjects like Neuroscience. She has been awarded the title of “The Inspiring Alumnus List of the Decade” by her school in 2019 and her story was accepted by Women's Web, South Asian Today and women for one. 

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