Poetry: Jaydeep Sarangi

Jaydeep Sarangi
Door of Faith

We listened to a nightingale singing

Crows making noises

We talked about the rivers

Chores of daily domestic works

Washing, cleaning, cooking and mopping.


We wrap moods of distances

Delayed wishes arrive

No call is the day, no willingness

Frayed, rusted for daily usage


I wait. I Wait. I can only wait

A powerful role

Is of no power through this distance

Probably, my name has no name there

A name like Sankar, Kumar and Saheb.


I can’t make you smile

I can’t make you happy

I can’t sleep or drink unless you smile

You have space

I shall never be on your back as

Someone chasing you.


I know I can count moment’s onward march

Only by waiting

My delays are unsaid

Breakfasts have no taste

I take as they are to be taken


Delayed and delayed

No show to the world

How you are hurt, unnerved.

Whom to share with?

All sharing was with someone

A silent door.


May be I was her reason

To be silent. I send

Apologies by the wand of magic

Of faith, gaping sentiments

How we bathed in all these days

Together after a spell of good rain.


Here are my soft lines, two mirroring

Ideas in many ways, in form

Not aware of scars

To our buoyant door of faith.



Jaydeep Sarangi is a widely anthologized bilingual poet with nine collections in English latest being Heart Raining the Light (2020) released in Rome. Sarangi has read his poems in different shores of the globe. His later readings and talks on poetry were at Flinders University, University of Western Australia, University of South Australia, University of Wollongong, Perth Poetry Club (Australia), University of Udine (Italy)and University of Rezeszow (Poland). Sarangi is on the editorial boards of different journals featuring poetry and articles on poetry like Mascara Literary Review, Transnational Literature (Australia), Setu (USA), Geetanjali and Beyond (Scotland) Teesta, WEC(India). He has seven critical books on poetry and edited special issues on poetry for reputed journals in India and abroad. With Prof. Amelia Walker (University of South Australia) he has guest edited a special volume for TEXT(Australia). Sarangi is known as a ‘bard on the banks of Dulung’ for poems and literary sensibilities for/on the river Dulung and its nearby places. Among his recent awards, the Setu Award of Excellence for 2019 (USA), SUFI AWARD for Indian English Literature (2020) and Iconic Principal Award (2021). He is a professor of English and principal at New Alipore College, Kolkata. Website: jaydeepsarangi.in

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