Poetry: Snehal Khandekar

1. How To Ruin Poetry In Ten Lines- Snehal

Two lines diverged onto a blank page
I took the one godforsaken
And tried to make a sexual pun, but I blew it
You want to know what else I suck at?
Alliterating, like Alan sucks at alimony
And here comes to
Ode to line
And hey, roses are red, violets are blue, 
Forget the rhyme, I love you

2. The Ignorant Millennial’s Senryū

F*c* revolution
Lick Netflix and chips, someone
Will deliver peace

3. This is My Pandemic Poem

This is my pandemic poem
It has been pending since 1918
It could or could not be state-sponsored*

Its spaces are deeply in love
With either a girl
Or with the view of other windows from its window

It hopes for more than 10 hearts on Instagram
It has a screen addiction problem
A smoking problem
A problem where it wants to die
In its sleep tonight
But sleeping is also a problem

Each alphabet of this poem
Is more exhausted than it looks
Wears fancy ink to fool itself
Stress-eats to feed itself
Drinks smuggled alcohol to survive itself

But it makes efforts
To cross its t’s and dot its i’s
To get up and stretch its thighs
To rewrite itself every night
To dress up as romance on most days
Revolution on some
Haiku on the rare good ones

It has never tested positive
For anything really
It is an emo kid from the 80s
Without the drugs
But it is slowly decaying
It is also bad at ending things

4. A eulogy

Like an almond nut
You were treasured
Inside my body
You sang my eyelids lullabies
Made them stop flapping at last

Like a pair of lover cats
We used to curl up warm
You’d extract the day 
From my mouth
And press it beneath the pillow
You’d stretch my lips
To feed my moon morsels

Oh, sweet, sweet sleep
Now that you’ve left me
I can’t even dream of you

5. Recipe For A Poem

Read a popular poet
Shakespeare, Frost, Rumi, Faiz
Borrow key ingredients
Only the ones you comprehend
That leaves you with
Summer, roses, woods, 
The love of revolution and revolution for love
And a faraway field beyond your intellect

Pick words from a medium sized packet of thesaurus
All your favorite colors and shapes
Mix well and add the essentials
Verbs to make things happen
And conjugations to start lines
Some prepositions to end with

Knead with some ink and blood
Added as per desired relatability
Break into uneven, 
Bake them in the oven
For as long as your patience permits

Take them out and serve
With a generous garnishing of stardust
And tobacco
A side of healthy black coffee
Or whiskey if you swing that way
Your modern poem is ready

Bio: Snehal Khandekar a poet from Bombay. Her poetry has been published in Verse of Silence. She has been a regular part of spoken word events in Bombay. Her poetry follows no preference of genre or form, she is yet a very very small student of the greats. But she strives to get poetry down from the pedestal of elitism. She will forever dream of a world where happiness is not a pursuit, and art is not a privilege.

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