Poetry: Srijani Dutta

Dream in metropolis


I dreamt of a dream once dreamt by a

Painter now turned into a mist,

Whose long serene hands reminded me of

The cluster of tulips.

Dew drops on her lips,

Rippling sunbeams on her eyes,

A mild sigh blew

In a somber winter evening.

A lady with a dog,

Crossed the road of dusty vision

That is now

Faded like lullabies.

Free rom falsified hope,

Free from desire,

She longs for a new dawn

When no one will sing the song of tempest,

Where no bloodshed paints the lanes.

A knock on the door;

Thinking that

the remaining leaves

Of a bare, barren bough


Outside a dog is barking,

I jump in my bed, holding a paint brush

Between my fingers;

I Find nothing

But the poem

‘Dream within a dream.’



Srijani Dutta is currently pursuing her Post graduation (M.A.-II) in English Literature from Visva Bharati University in Santiniketan. She has completed her graduation from the above-mentioned University. She lives at West Bengal in India. She has published her paper on English literature in the Yearly Shakespeare 2020 journal, poems in Contemporary Literary Review India Journal and painting in Creative Chromosomes.

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