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Only with You
Love was just a mockery 
Until I met you 
I started loving the love
When you became my brightest hue.

The dew drops on the blooming flowers
Remind me the love that you shower ,
Sitting on the bench and thinking about you
I remember the day when I said I do.

You’re the gem in the ring of my life
And ,the star that gleam so bright .
Sitting on the sea shore, watching waves to and fro
Holding hands together  
That’s the way I’d like to grow .

You, with grey strands of beard, 
golf cap and round spects 
And I, with white hair, 
stick and tippet round my wrinkled neck
Under the same tree that witnessed our love 
Lost in each other, like those dove(s)
And my head tilted on your shoulder 
Only with you, I want to grow older. 

Love’s   Funeral

Oh! Please! Don’t disturb me now
I’m at a funeral 
Cremating my feelings for you
Burring them deep inside my heart
At the same place
Where once we exchanged 
Our vows
In the same black dress
Which you gifted me.

A coffin is here 
Of your favourite chocolate box
And in that, with the corpse of feelings, lie
Some dried rose petals of our first valentine’s day
Your broken love band,
Some scattered beads of my necklace 
A white shirt with your cologne
Your cracked spects
The strap of your watch 
Our old photographs 
Few love letter,
Some stolen kisses
Numerous warm hugs
Some unvoiced truths 

I’m not alone here 
Your treachery 
Your violence 
Your lies
Your dominance
Are here to console me
They are wiping out my tears
And saying that 
Tomorrow I will definitely be happy
After seeing those scars 
Which you have given me
On my heart 
Because scars have made me strong
And told me that you were wrong
If I could bother that cruelty and pain
Surely I’m not gonna face that again 
A satanic insane.

Author's Bio:  Ramsha Zaheen is a twenty-five year old post-graduate student at Indira Gandhi National Open University. A poetry lover since childhood, she believes in expressing her thoughts and emotions through free and rhymed verse.

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