Zahra Ahmad: Figures of Thought: Collegiate Voices across Spaces

A Saddened Tale

Benumbed, heavy heart,
I travel down my memory lane,
And ponder over the past.
The delectable fruit of mine:
Was not granted,
Chance to ripen 

The stoic indifference of women.
With which they bear the biggest loss. 
Failed to pick the remnants of life. 
Which was now in shambles.

The raging storm of grief and sorrow.
Will leave behind a trail of,
Deep pain and unhealed scars.
So cruel, so callous and so remorseless.
The world seems to be

But as I strive to peep into future.
I realise, that you O God.
Is the only force to give me hope,
Bring longing and expectancy,
Into my despondent drooping heart,
For I am only human,
And not infallible.

I had my share of trials and tribulations.
Now give me strength and might.
To surmount such tough times.
To ease my pain and affliction.
Give solace and consolation.
To my aching heart.

Insatiable Wish

A glimpse is enough.
To enlighten my face.
A thought is enough.
To delight my mind.
A touch is enough.
To lighten my heart.
A hope is enough,
To console myself.
It is, but a heart’s desire.
Yet to be fulfilled.
An unattained wish.
To became a Norte Damian.
An admission is enough.
To thrill a battered soul.

Author's Bio:  Zahra Ahmad is pursuing MA in English from Patna Women’s College, Patna University. She has experience of managing and teaching at a high school and is the author of My Stories, volume 1 and 2, which had an introduction by Bollywood film director, Imtiyaz Ali and a prologue by Dr Shankar Dutt, retired HOD of English department, Patna University. The books became part of regular curriculum for few years for primary classes in around ten schools of Bihar. A few of her articles have also appeared in local magazines and journals.

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