Poetry: Scott Thomas Outlar (Author of the Month)

Scott Thomas Outlar
Three Wishes

I want to reach the state
where angels dance across my neurons
from tiptoe-crossed ethereal realms
while humming my spirit in the direction
of higher consciousness
with spells that guide me close enough
to smell the throne of God

I want to close my eyes
and instantaneously shift perception
to the precision point of total awareness
where what once was believed to be normal reality
begins to seem as if it was just a childlike illusion
as the true data pulses and throbs
in colors, shapes, signs, and visions
from dimensions that cannot be counted on fingers

I want to expand the inward horizon
with lucid dreams of precognition
that foretell what is still set to manifest
through glimpses that melt away my conditioning
and open the doorways to enlightenment

The Strands That Tie Together

Ancestral DNA
and genetic coding
expresses itself 
in mysterious ways

such as
finding my Dad’s papers
from when he was a teenager
and observing how the doodles 
of stars and shapes
he placed in the margins
were the same types of designs
I would draw on loose leaf pages
while in school

A bridge spanning back
between our minds
and the way patterns
manifest down the line
seems marvelous to me
in this moment of remembrance

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