Poetry: Shaleen Singh

Shaleen Singh
Waiting for you
At English cafe is

Twisting and Turning
With a restless heart

The thin corners of the 
My own heart
I found crumbs
Of memories 
Of the time gone by 
Memories of time
With you
Without you...

I have spent 
Hours in minutes
Waiting for you
And you came
As usual,
Never physically..

Even though
I have visualized  
You sitting before me
With your half-oped eyes
And full-bloomed smile
Easing me 
With your presence 
Making me feel you 
So enlivened, so enchanted
The thought 
That you're there
Is just a thought
I marvel 
What will be when
You're there
Coming, sitting
And smiling before me.
Coffee dates with you

In close eyes
With you I have
Innumerably gone
Over coffee dates

With you
The fume of 
Latte has wafted 
So much of memories
That I was left 
There on the point of

In closed
chambers of Heart
I have sipped 
Every aroma
Gliding through 
Your eyes

From my eyes
I have fixed/Unfixed 
Further meet ups
In English cafe 

I have lived 
Every tid-bit of 
With you 
I have lived years
In every iota of second.

With you
So much is
Still to be lived...


  1. It's a beautiful poem sir imagination is high quality and Devine love also...

  2. The poem is a beautifully written love poem yet just not a love poem only.lt unfolds the anxiousness and the passion of a lover like John Donne whose thirst for love is unquenchable.lt also talks of an eternal lover who shall never stop waiting and yearning for the beloved. The question is who is this beloved, the suspense ,the eagerness and the rhetorics complements each other wonderfully.

  3. With you
    So much is
    Still to be lived...👌😊

    Nice poem....

  4. Memorable
    Journey through memory lanes...
    Good poem

  5. It is so extraordinarily brilliant desperation of a lover to celebrate celestial bliss with his beloved though in his isolated world. His craving for unrequited love is commendably show-cased through the poem.

  6. An exquisite poem subtly composed and its theme, delicately and thoughtfully presented. You seem to be touching all bardic heights. Felicitatikns dear!


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