Poems: Ujjal Mandal

Ujjal Mandal
The Bard of the Rydal Mount and Tagore

We need Wordsworth
To save our beautiful earth
Who found God in Nature
And worshipped the creature
He grasped humanity as his own
For which he was born.

We need Tagore
In today's moment of horror
He taught how to conquer over fear
Here and there we can hear
The shrill cry of hungry vultures
The blood-eater creatures.

Tagore showed human love
How to weave it like a dove
He knitted the thread
Of an extensive net
For catching love and mankind
All was entwined
O, come to be united together
We are like the flower
Let's bloom in the field
Like the green grass filled
With morning dew
To make us anew.

The Transmission of Love

All say heart is soft as petals,
but why the same heart becomes
so hard as a stone
when it is left alone?

Poverty Poisons My Beauty

Poverty doesn't tell a poem of happiness
but of the hungry vultures awaiting for the dead body,
Poorness is the shadow of mine, it follows me where I go,
it poisons my beauty; it is the stone on my way;
the villain in my painful story and so on.
My fantasy is on the fire of poverty,

Oh, I am hungry!
I dream often of the fall of red leaves whirling by,
I can't hear the gentle whisper
 of spring which I could before, but
Sometimes I dream of a dry tree standing on the rock
looking straight with no single leaves,
no butterfly comes to it, no birds make it musical.
And it is so motherly that I find a huge
 similarity between the dead tree and me.

I'm Oppressed

I cry and I do smile
you think me crazy
but it happening often
and I feel I am oppressed--
I'm a mirror.

Flower is Reason-FREE

Beauty makes a beauteous form
As it is beyond of human reasons
To look at it has no fixed norm
But it exists through all seasons.

Flower makes one flowery
If heart is reasons free,
Between the flower and the girl
I find no curl!

O, be flower and lose in them
And throw off your worldly name,
Just follow the way a flower blooms
Leaving the sun-dried clay of tomb!

About the Author: Ujjal Mandal is an Indian poet by heart and a connoisseur of literature. He was born in 1995 at Ganguria, Malda, West Bengal, in a peasant family. He completed his M.A in English from the University of Gour Banga. He has two books of poetry to his credit which have been published this year 2021–
‘Ambrosia In Budding Flowers’ (ISBN 9789390482962) & ‘Shobder Phul’ (ISBN 9789390482351). To him, ‘good thoughts are the manifestation of good future’. He has been writing poetry since 2017 and many poems have been appeared in various journals, magazines, literary press, blogs and anthologies.

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