Poetry: Fabrice B. Poussin

Data Dream

They dreamed of becoming gods in their day
tending to knowledge reserved for the infinite.

Hoping to shed the flesh they went to sleep
on the experimental slab of an uncertain fate.

In a maze of sugar-coated wires they rested
trapped in a web made of multicolored strings.

The goal, an awakening to unlimited secrets
a little madness before loss of all senses.

The organic frame retracted upon the steel
as fresh features became an icy blue marble.

There they lay as some do on execution day
given to the universe hoping to belong.

But they did not know the cost of their demands
as now the citadel of their bodies fell into chaos.

The darkness of the unfathomable void
now afforded to the soul of the same matter.

What will remain of the ones who once were
gentle children on the playgrounds of birthing desires!

Yes, they aimed to break down the boundaries of life
seeking eternal selves beyond the matter of the earth.

But now they withered away in shocking convulsions
prays to what they could not see, could not imagine.

Assailed from all parts by energies of innumerable stings
invaded in their whole by what they meant to achieve.

The fancy turned to nightmare as they slowly perished
tortured forevermore for their desperate attempt.

Soon none of who they once were would subsist 
digested by that immense power they tried to capture. 

Just Like a Book

They sought another chapter in mystery
far from touching impending realities
in the warmth of two simple pages they slept.

Beings thin as the membranes of hidden dimensions
they glided like dying leaves of autumn
weighed by the mists of another chagrin.

Residents of stories to never perish
they barely dare imagine a secret rendezvous
stretching hopes in the energies of stars.

Seeking the comforting warmth of life’s essence
they lay offered to infinite possibilities
given to the imagination of the other.

A moment may come when the pages will fold
so the two will rest as in a common alcove
destinies shared in unavoidable unity at last. 

Sleeping for Eternity

I slept for a million years of perhaps two
upon a new dawn I hovered above a strange realm
monochrome as the night.

I found that I was a solitary presence floating between
walls of a gray hue unknow to those eyes
and remained still with semblances of clouds.

Some clocks had frozen on a late hour
while others persisted with invisible hands
so intense was their speed into a soft death.

In the vessel of a worn-out soul, I felt little
unable to distinguish the moment
perhaps it was dizziness again.

I wondered the fate of the dear friend
who came to life in that world
made of ethers and sublime forms.

Unearthing a past

They are few now to venture the plains
fearful yet of dense forests
awakening from prolonged hibernation
they take another timid step upon the stone.

Followed by the odd sound of breathing machines
they might be revenants in their white prisons
polymer vests and plexiglass windows. 

Exhilaration animates the eerie objects
apparitions upon a virgin land
so strange to them are the oceans and mountain peaks.

A trace of a long hidden past has returned
haunting memories as it will their futures
for one like them once explored this land.

Etched into the granite the footprint struggles to live
almost erased by time unforgiving
if only it could have remained a secret.

They might be on a strange planet these upright creatures
centuries have passed where man once ruled
perhaps at peace he too should remain.

When You Sleep

The flat screen yells gun shots and death threats
in a semi obscure room so safe from all hazards
and you sleep curled up in your white little ball.

I hear the heavy strings of rain caress my walls
a light seems to wish a quick invasion into this home
where you know all will be fine in your dreamland.

At peace with the sores of a day well filled
you recollect the bumps and bruises in the field
when no one was watching, and you stumbled in the brush.

Gently you turn to enjoy your due comfort
as it was once in the house of your birth
warm ocean rejuvenating with the salts of life.

Perhaps you will share your dreams with a smile
But for now, I will protect these hours of rest
with the silence another night brings upon us. 

BIO: Fabrice Poussin teaches French and English at Shorter University. Author of novels and poetry, his work has appeared in Kestrel, Symposium, The Chimes, and many other magazines. His photography has been published in The Front Porch Review, the San Pedro River Review as well as other publications.

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