Ms. Pankajam K, India (Winging through Gloom: Poetry of Hope and Recovery)

K Pankajam
Pankajam Kottarath is a bilingual poet and novelist and an author or more than 30 books.  Her poems, book reviews, short stories and articles have been published in many national/international journals and   anthologies.  One of her poetry collections has been translated into French. Three books on literary criticism discuss her works in detail.  A book of critical essays and research papers on her poem   titled “Poetic Oeuvre of K Pankajam” has also been published. She is the recipient of many awards.  


A bird in the woods speaks to me in my dreams
It hops from trees to trees chirping and chortling
Oh Men, your invisible chains are untied now.
Come to the open and enjoy the fresh fragrance of life.

Can’t you see the buds of hopes and recovery waiting to blossom
the roots of pains and hurts becoming dry and uprooted 
the gloom becoming gloomy and healing waiting to heal
or the brighter and better days in store for us to revel life in glee?

Let the dozing senses in each cell wake up and fight
bring love, light and peace to the hearts that bleed
the drowsy souls get out of slumber to write songs of hopes  
and the entire universe bask in the warmth of the new sunshine. 

As long as hope reigns, recovery is at our beck and call  
We shall recuperate, cleansed and purified; future is promising.
No masks on faces, let the smiles return to our faces 
Step out without fear, hugs and handshakes to return.

Push aside the hoarding memories stuck to the cellars
Welcome tomorrow’s dawning with dreams of hues heavenly
Keep your heart out of the melancholic clouds that crowd
And let’s together reinvent the fresh fragrance of life. 

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