Laksmisree Banerjee

Laksmisree Banerjee


in the grimy water with jagged shadows
a shredded heart and bruised veins

your placid rumblings in my seedy insides
sing loud sonatas to wash the stains

the mushy soil, the eerie melancholy
the arid stones trigger the pallid moon

to spill its shimmering silver showers
as you are born with sunrise soon

a calm tumescence of gilded flaming
riotous rhapsodies for awakening life

a budding pink blue and green hue
a poetic pearl to assuage the strife

you remain my Promethean fire
the ambrosial nectar I stole from gods

you remain the blossom of my being
my music and rhythm against all odds ---

Only in darkness the stars glow bright
Only the helpless elevate with cosmic might
Only the blackest hour heralds a new sunshine
Only in grimy coal one finds a diamond mine
Jigsaws and jungles in searing strife
Lead one to the plenteous glories of life
Flawless gold is born of singeing fire
Clay is sculpted through a cruel gyre
The strength of climbing leads to the summit
The joy of a battle is in its winning grit
Only precipices lead to that victorious height
Only a pain-imbued prayer sees the divine light

Queen Nature is on her way
to her regal bed with the blazing 
jewel in her crown

Her orbed central piece in dazzle
is about to be slipped into
the hidden depths of her closet

Her royal attire splashed wildly with 
the satin shades of multi-hued orange
dappled from the holy painter’s palette

Spreading across her universe
as she slowly disrobes to sleep
while her royal trail still lingers

In her empyrean of flaming hope
the fading gleam of her sunny
crown and imperial gown

Gone into the gradual deep in
sloping vales of the shimmering
sequined trance of sleep

Awaiting with bated breath and faith
for our rise again with her hallowed
lucent orbed crown in naughty peep

From the depths of the darkness
in Lethe to another splendid
orange morn scintillating

With our loyalty to Queen Nature
and our prayers deeply incensed
for our healing and dawn awakening

Our endless spirals of celebration--- 

(for a Cancer-free World)

the hour glass stands in nakedness
continuing to shed its ornate
dusty skirt in haughty abandon ---

slipping down its shimmering grains
to the lowest levels
of shameless hubris
unabashed undressing disdain
un-reeling temporal swirls
itself in time-bound agony
stooping, wriggling belly dancer
till the end of the show
as it catches me in finality
or so it thinks with its delusional
 cancerous claws---

I remain as soft and sturdy
as the orchids, the cactus, the banyan
the flora and fauna of everlasting love---

the hour glass empties itself
doomed in its malice of wreckage
I laugh and merge with
the flowery cycles of fruition
strong and mellow in my love
as I laugh and embrace in victory
my regenerative bloom
couched in the bouquet of
endless plenitude---


I shall return once more
through wet sky-paths
of lilting rain clouds
through deep seas
in foliage and trees
along the golden corn
spreads of green sheath
for your amorous touch
in the blushing dawn
an eager filtering glow
of love, light and life
with hugging effervescence
in every breath and pore
I shall return once more ---

When the apocalypse is over
I shall rumble through the glad winds
in troves of blithe awakening
as twinkling fireflies shimmer
with stars in indigo nights
and brutalities dissolve forever
in kissing waves of rhapsody
in songs of human kindness
in silver slants of liquid amity
in florescence through every pore
I shall return once more ---

As silence dims the blazing voice
when swords and guns have lost their choice
my tinted veil in sequined skies will fly
in multihues of butterflies
through gardens of tumescence
when all overbrim in honey love
where showers profusely pour
I shall return once more ---

As the moonbeams tingle and gleam
soft footsteps flow in feathers of breeze
all grime is cleansed
in whiteness of the dove
when the world swirls
in divine ablution
Nature winging high above
when humanity rises
in sun-realization
with bulbs of hope in sheen
in fragrant blooms and shades
dewdrops on fresh bathed grassy blades
with eyes and hearts in glimmer
as our golden harvest is gleaned
along the faithful ambrosial shore
of unending incandescence
as you turn to hold and hug
to love forever and more
I shall return once more
I shall return once more ---


Am I lonely?
a single saal or peepul
a birch or pine
in cackling, crowded forests of haze?
am I the darkling thrush
solely singing with a soul
shredded to herald the end of light
crying for redemption or audience?
or that home sparrow
flitting and twittering
with fleeting time in
abandoned household corners of dustiness?
or am I a motherless kitten
picked up by a dog
for his rapacious hours?

May be or may be not
What am I? ….

Am I solitary?
an eagle of the azure
flapping high
across the horizon
daring in magnificence?
or am I the single red rose
a blazing, fragrant beauty
in unbridled love
among spikes and nettles?
or that solitary reaper  
in bardic consonance
with her plenteous corn?
or am I a peacock
happy to dance fervently
in myriad hues
with silvery drizzles
and none to watch?
or am I that icy peak
scintillating white
daring the climber
to reach its summit?
or am I the happy traveller
collecting my shining
shells and shingles 
on a beach of discovery?
or am I that lighthouse
of resplendence 
showing the way to
those in oceanic turbulence?

Lonely or solitary
I yearn to be the Bright Star
of the bard’s romance
or perhaps
the Star of the Magi
finding my way into
that human cradle of divineLove---

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  1. Beautiful poems showcasing the felicity of poetic sensibility and linguistic mastery.


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