Poetry Celebration of Life: Huguette Bertrand

Huguette Bertrand 

From ages to ages
the light is still burning
in the deepest nights

when the raging storms
try to switch it off
the gentle sun always
keeps the blindness away
when a gleam is still at sight

no more grief in dark old nights
since the blaze of the gentle light
will always ignite hope and peace
from time to time for happy endings
in the good nights


come close to these words
gentle they won't hurt you

flying above arguments and rumors
together they are called poetry
and could grab your imagination
and play tricks on your mind
letting you feel like a bird
standing on the branch of an old oak
or maybe near a pond
watching frogs croaking
and even like a poet watching the blue sky
while downstairs people are crying
nothing to eat   no shelter
and some picturing the whole agony

since these words are only pleading 
for peace and a good night sleep
come closer
the trick is over


Since the roots of love
are in the Moon light
why are so many
stepping downward
with so sad feelings
wandering in the void
in search of heart beats

let's start over the whole story
and put words together
lining them on the time being
for a heavenly moon talk

shall we meet again ?

Bio: Huguette Bertrand is an international French-Canadian poet and editor born and living in Canada. She has published 39 poetry books. Her poems were also published in many international journals and anthologies and translated in multi languages. Besides her publications, she participated to poetry readings, book shows, art exhibitions of her poetry paired with artworks in Camada, France and Norway, gave poetry workshops in Canada and France.

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