Poetry: Madhu Jaiswal

Celebrating life with a pinch

The fiery damsel who tries to be unique
In her neat and crisp uniform making people notice her and greet
In showbiz people, notice first is your outer appearance
Not bothering about where and what is your inheritance
Donning the cap of the perfect mate
She uses her ethics with efficiency and élan
It seems like a piece of cherry on the cake
Her beauty, her brain in perfect sync
People appreciate and value her efforts
The whole office shuttles on her command
Her colleagues often Complimenting her as boss
Thinking she must be ruling similar at home
Smiling with rye she just keeps mum
In her homely domain, she barely had her say
As and when she is back home
she needs to finish all the homely chores
Others mostly sitting lazing around
She juggles hard to cook for all
Hardly have the energy to carry on
How she wishes to have a helping hand
When asking for help she is advised
If can't manage just sit at home
Dreaming of being the entrepreneur of the year
She gulps a glass of water and carries on...

When she met her soul

She always received praises and allures for her skin 
But the only matter were who could see beyond the veils of her enchanting sheen
The grooves on her heart, the void inside
Manoeuvring well with laughter and grin
Rarely did she let anyone close
Inside the inner domains of what she was

And one fine day like a whiff of fresh air
He came uninvited into the inner zone
Penetrating and invading the zones unexplored
Touching her deep with his natural self
Making her realise her worth
Simply wavering alongside

Stunned by the sudden outcome
Mesmerized by the shinning warrior on the horse
Was he the one she always dreamt off
Or just a dream passing by?
Slowly and steadily her mask fell off
Her inner glow is in full bloom
She laughed wholeheartedly 
Feeling exuberant
Enjoying every moment of feeling free

It was a cold day of that month 
When he held her close
Subtly taking her hand in his
Slowly caressing with gentleness
Looking deep into her eyes
Sipping the nectarine of that momentum
Letting loose the weary soul
Feeling the enormity of real bliss
As the eyes welled up
Softly pecking on her hair
He touched her naked soul
Raw and deep

And she knew then and there
Realising all, that it was
Finally, it was the day she waited for
When she met with her soul….!!

Bio: Madhu Jaiswal is a bilingual poet and social worker hailing from Kolkata, India. She is an optimistic and compassionate person who believes in humanity and shares smiles. She completely believes in the notion that penning down one’s thoughts is therapeutic to the soul.

She is associated with The Impish Lass Publishing House, Mumbai in the capacity of an executive editor since its inception. She has 8 anthologies as an editor to her credit. Her creative contributions have been published in various national and international anthologies and she often gets featured in prestigious e-zines. Her poetry was recently featured in the prestigious anthology Aatish 2 alongside various stalwarts. Also, she bagged third prize in Beyond Black Sakhi Annual Poetry Awards 2019-2020.

She is attached to a social group named Share A Smile and volunteers for social causes and upliftment of the destitute.

According to her, hope, belief and perseverance are the powerful mantras that can pave our path toward success, no matter what. Her write-ups often revolve around these keywords.

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