Poetry: Kelli J Gavin

Kelli J Gavin
Here I Stand

All of me
The good
The bad
The beautiful
Here I stand

All of me
What you love
What you want
What you need
Here I stand

All of me
Each smile
Each caress
Each embrace
Here I stand

All of me
Today I'm yours
Today and tomorrow
Today and forever
Here I stand

Edge of Night

Just when I think sleep will be obtained
When the edge of night seems to be within my grasp
There you are so close, yet so far
Almost within reach but each time I extend my hand
You seem to move just a bit further away
Realizing this isn't any different than in real life
I stop reaching for you, wanting you, trying to pull you near
Every time you have been present and right in front of me
You've slipped through my grasp
Always knowing I wanted to possess you
I feel you took joy in the chase as much as in the act of fleeing
Not only did you not want to be possessed
You never desired to be loved wholly and truly
I've given up the pursuit during the sunlit hours
And I no longer wish for you on the edge of night

Hold On

I always heard that when you find someone you love
You should hold on for dear life
But why?
Holding on to someone who doesn't wish to be present seems futile
Keeping you here is selfish
Only for my benefit 
Especially when I know your heart has moved on
You have stayed longer than necessary
You are loyal and duty bound
In the end you feel stuck 
No longer wanting to be right where you are
If I am honest with myself, I became comfortable with your presence
You were someone to fill the void
It wasn't really love, was it?
Now I believe you were a placeholder
For the one I will want to hold on to

Scar Tissue

Weathered and worn
Bruised and battered
My heart has become a fortress
Impenetrable and barely functioning
Every ounce of love it once possessed
Has turned to bricks used to create
An even taller bulwark that is not meant to climb
Rough edges and occasional weeping holes
The scar tissue is threatening to no longer serve a purpose
Once mended and bound tightly
I can no longer hold in this pain 
One assignment- close the wound
You can't even do your job

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