Poetry: Salim Yakubu Akko


i too, someday, would look
in to the eyes of the morning, a boyo
with tearless eyes

someday, the tale
mother tells on the rambled lines
i call my poetry, would fade away

someday, i would dig a hole
as a reminiscence on how i
buried the carcass of my stale

a new man would i become
a changed land, my motherhome
a fearless school boy, hair, combed

After a Decade

and all pains
had been washed away
from our homes

and we giggled
just because we knew
they were life visitors

they would render to you
a piece of poem, today &
tomorrow, you would not see them again

My Name

whenever i hear my name
i squeeze my collar
trying to vomit the milk
i sucked from mother's breast

my hands shiver &
cry in pain
whenever i try writing 
my name

i say it loudly
it is not my name
the name mother gave me
does not resemble death

but i am me
fed with wreck 
sister, raped
corruption, my countrymen's cake

Bio: Salim Yakubu Akko is a Nigerian poet, a writer and an essayist. He has been published in Trouvaille Review, Impspired Magazine, Arts Lounge, Upwrite Magazine, Scratch Poetry Magazine, Fevers of the Mind Magazine, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, World Voices Magazine, My Woven Poetry, Amulet Poetry Magazine, African Fingers and elsewhere. He is a member of Hilltop Creative Arts Foundation and Gombe Jewel Writers’ Association.

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